Challenging Your Comfort Zone

 In Beginner Yoga

By: Crimson Roe

In yoga classes as in life, there are those who always take the “added challenge” and there are those who, for the majority of the time, take the option to modify or rest. For the most part, we all know which category we usually fall into, whether we like to admit it or not.

And of course, there is benefit and importance in both, but sometimes life is about stepping outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be. One of my favorite phrases to use in class is: “the moments where you feel most uncomfortable, is where you grow the most.”

For some, the “uncomfortable moment” is trusting yourself to balance on the edge of falling over, but for others it might be laying absolutely still in Savasana. And for some, it is stepping into your first beginner yoga class. There is such importance of learning how to embrace being uncomfortable and expanding your comfort zone, not only in yoga, but in everyday life. It is easy to get stuck in your personal routine, but continued growth is important in every aspect of our existence. We should strive to live the width of our life and not just the length of it.

I doubt any of us choose to practice yoga so we can stay exactly as we are. We hunger for growth physically and mentally. Our goal at Yoga Pod is to transform your body, elevate your mind, and open your heart, so in fact, it’s pretty impossible to stay the same. Through breath, strength and sweat we are able to embrace personal challenges and continued growth.

So, whether you challenge yourself to rest in child’s pose for a little longer today or take the fullest expression on your last inhale, together as a team, let’s promise to keep getting stronger, dream bigger and love deeper.

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