Honor Nature: #52hikes

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By: Kate Keskinen

At Yoga Pod, one of our core values is to honor nature. We plant a tree for each new founding member of our yoga studio, and we try our hardest to minimize our footprint in whatever other ways we can. We also enjoy spending time with Mama Nature in so many different ways! We have hikers, climbers, paddlers, swimmers, cyclists, and general outdoor play-fanatics in our community and team at Yoga Pod. This year, in order to promote more outdoor activity, adventure, and exploration of Gainesville and it’s surrounding areas, I have taken on a #52hikes challenge. Once a week or more, I am spending time exploring trails I have never stepped foot on, in around eight years of Gainesville living! It has been amazing to see what has been hiding just out of sight, and I encourage any of you to join along, in Gainesville or wherever you find yourself on your journey.

Remember, it’s not about a goal or a certain number of hikes, but the amazing things you see and experience along the way! It’s about breathing fresh air, noticing details, and spending a little time refilling your cup. It’s about being quiet enough to realize when you are approaching a baby horse on the trail (!!) and allowing your heart to beat with wonder. Let it sink in and work to reflect that magic in your yoga practice and through the rest of your life.

Check out #52hikes for inspiration and maybe make your own hashtag so you can look back at your year of experiences!! (Mine is #kates52hikes if you want to follow along!)

Need inspiration for local hikes? I’ll be back soon to share my recent favorites, but in the meantime check out:





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