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If you are like me then you have been in the yoga studio a lot, it might even feel like a second home. You might even find yourself looking forward to a Friday evening class more than you look forward to going out. Inevitably along your journey, you’ve heard your teachers and fellow students talk about it: Yoga Teacher Training. Why does it sometimes feel like everyone has done a yoga teacher training except you? I used to ask myself this. And it always seemed like waaaayyyy more people had been through teacher training then there were actually teachers! What is that all about?


I finally started asking questions to my mentor, my favorite yoga teacher. She patiently answered all of them, and here’s what I found out:


Not everyone who does a yoga teacher training wants to teach yoga. Some people do it to gain knowledge that will benefit their own practice, knowing that they are going to get a lot of insider information on best alignment practices for each pose, and that they will also learn ways to modify a pose that better suits their body. Some people figure that they’ve been practicing this physical practice long enough, and now they want to delve into the more spiritual side of yoga, learn some stuff about the other limbs of yoga.


No matter what your reason for signing up, you almost always expand your community. Yoga teacher trainings are a lot of hours, you are bound to make a new friend in your class, or grow a connection with one of your teachers. When people who are all pumped up and jazzed about a topic (yoga) then you are all automatically guaranteed to have at least a few things in common. It can be really fun to meet up with your classmates and practice as you get in all of the class requirements.


Even if you aren’t looking to teach yoga afterwards, you still benefit by growing your confidence, and expanding your knowledge, and committing to yourself.


Many people are looking to teach and when you complete your 200 hour yoga teacher training through the Yoga Pod then you can let people know that you completed a training through a school that is registered with the Yoga Alliance (a requirement that most yoga studios that are hiring will look for). You will also walk away from the program with the confidence to teach a vinyasa flow class. And it will be safe! And powerful!


If yoga teacher training sounds like something you might be interested in then ask your teachers before or after class! They will make sure to get you the information that you need. Or you can also visit: to sign up for more information!


Let this be the season that you give back to yourself!


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