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podBASICS is a foundational beginner yoga class at Yoga Pod. The focus is on four types of movements that are regularly used in all styles of yoga and fitness.

This class is recommended for people who have never tried yoga, for those who found podFLOW 1 too challenging, and for advanced practitioners who want to refine their practice by heading back to the basics.

Our podBASICS class focuses on four types of movements: forward folds, back bends, hip openers, and twists. Not only do these movements help yogis master the elements that are used in more advanced poses, but they also benefit the body in many ways.

podBASICS is just one of the many classes we offer at Yoga Pod. We’ll go into more detail later in this post, so you can learn what to expect when you attend a class and the physical benefits you will experience afterwards.

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The Four Yoga Pose Foundations of podBASICS

Forward Folds

Sampling a hip opener and forward fold during podBASICS, a Yoga Pod class for beginnersWhat are they? Forward fold poses are a variety of ways you can bend your body forward, typically using your hips as the fulcrum point.

What are the physical and mental benefits? Physically, forward folds relieve tension from the neck, across the back, and through the backs of the legs, especially the hamstrings. Some poses engage the abdominals for additional core strengthening. Mentally, forward folds help calm the nervous system. Many people also use forward folds to let the negative energy drain out through the spine into a puddle on the floor. This opens up room for gratitude and positivity to renew your spirit.

Back Bends

What are they? Back bends are a vulnerable position because they go against our normal flow of life. It’s unnatural to bend backwards, but it’s oh-so rewarding. Back bends bring the crown of your head closer to the balls of your feet by engaging your heart and chest.

What are the physical and mental benefits? Physically, the focus of back bends should be on the front of your body, your neck, and your back. The openness of back bends enables the body to breathe deeply as they lengthen your spine. Back bends based on your stomach can be a nice massage for the internal organs. Mentally, the mind strengthens as you push your body through the natural vulnerability it feels as it moves backwards. This increases confidence that can help you conquer the yoga poses to come.

Hip Openers

What are they? In some variation, hip openers are present in almost every yoga pose in some capacity. That’s because there are more than 20 muscles that cross through the hips, so hip-opening poses are technically any pose that uses one of these muscles. However, specific hip openers are focused on bending and moving the body in different ways to open the hips and relieve stress on the joints.

What are the physical and mental benefits? Physically, hip openers relax the many hip muscles, which alleviates pressure on the spine. In turn, this protects the knees and lower back. Giving you a wider range of motion and increased circulation, hip openers make it easier to pick things up off the floor and to stay agile. Mentally, hip stretches are thought of as a way to shift negative energy away.


What are they? Twist poses are typically identified when the body moves in multiple, opposite directions. Like your favorite twist ice cream cone, the result is even better when two good things come together as one. Twists may make you feel like a pretzel, but the stretches can be simple and will feel good.

What are the physical and mental benefits? Physically, the fact that twists feel good are a positive benefit to this pose. On a deeper level, twists increase spinal flexibility and circulation. As the body spirals around the spine, the digestive organs are compressed. This massages them, resulting in healthier digestion. Mentally, twists calm the nervous system, which helps quiet the mind. This helps decrease negative feelings and bad habits, allowing you to leave them on the mat at the end of the class.

Now that you know the four foundational elements to our podBASICS class (forward folds, back bends, hip openers, and twists), you’re ready to take on the class for yourself! Check out our class schedule to find a time that works for you.

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