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“Take a deep inhale breath…” How many times do yogis hear these words in our yoga studio? Connection to mindful breath is a constant thread for yoga practitioners, but how many truly understand the relationship with the source of that breath?

Trees are the lungs of our planet. They help rid our atmosphere of pollution and improve air quality and human health. North Carolina State University of College of Agriculture & Life Sciences notes, “One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to 4 people.”

In a day and age where almost everything can be done from an iPhone, Yoga Pod decided to get our hands dirty. On Earth Day 2017, we launched our Earth Day event and helped plant over 10,000 trees in the Rocky Mountain region. An annual traditional was manifested that very day. Honoring nature became of paramount importance to our team, and we committed to healing the lungs of the planet — one tree at a time.

Watch this incredible NASA video highlighting the cycle of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere before and after the major blooming season of trees.  Trees are the lungs of the earth, and they can’t keep up with our growing populations and pollution. “We’re apparently pouring so much CO2 into the sky that the trees can’t keep up. We need more trees. We really do,” stated a blog by Robert Krulwich of National Geographic.

Join the tribe to become a part of the movement. For every new member, Yoga Pod plants one tree. We need your help in the reforestation effort. Breathe first with Yoga Pod, and we promise to help the Earth breathe easier. 


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