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Introducing APEX | High-Intensity Pilates. Yoga Pod is bringing a revolutionary workout to Gainesville! This is a low impact, slow resistance training that will elevate your physical conditioning to its highest point. APEX commands proper alignment, body mechanics, and muscle recruitment for a safe, focused, high performance workout. Maximize your results, minimize your potential for injury, and optimize your health. Time under tension requires disciplined focus and endurance to activate your innermost strength. Reach your peak at APEX. New students must watch the New Student Machine Tour, and arrive on their machine 15 minutes before class starts. Late new students may not be permitted to take class due to safety.


APEX is a high-intensity, low impact, machine-based workout that will fire up your core to fuel every movement. Build the stamina of your slow twitch muscle fibers as you target your entire body, with special attention to the most commonly overlooked muscle groups; deep core stabilizers and glutes. The pilates-inspired machine houses 2 platforms and 1 gliding carriage which can be springloaded from 0 to 180 pounds of resistance to challenge every fitness level. Transform your body and optimize your health.



🔥 3 for $30 redo 🔥
If you purchased a $30 / 30 and/or a 3 / $30 intro offer prior to August 1, 2021 and did not purchase a class pack or membership afterwards, you are eligible for a redo. Call (352) 554-4585, email info.gainesville@yogapod.com, or ask us at the front desk if you'd like to renew your offer.

Our lead APEX instructor, Kaleigh Eadens ✨
In addition to being our resident APEX queen, Kaleigh is a licensed massage therapist, Pilates instructor, Marketing Director at @theknot, and badass mama lioness. 🦁
If you haven’t had the chance to take APEX with Kaleigh yet, she has two FREE offerings this week during our open house:
⚡️9/15 8:30AM Level 2
⚡️9/17 10AM Level 2
There are just a few spots left in these classes, so reserve yours ASAP via our app or online. 🔗 in bio

We recently had @elimeyerstudio come to the studio to document the APEX class experience through photography and video. We are so excited to share this magic with you soon. ⚡️ 🎥 ✨ ...

✖️ APEX Student Discount ✖️ $79 for 4 classes / month ✖️
That's less than $20 per class compared to our regular drop-in rate of $35. We are working hard to make this one-of-a-kind workout accessible, starting with our incredible student community. Call (352) 554-4585 or email us info.gainesvillenw@yogapod.com to get set up! 🦁
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Slow your movement, bring intention to your breath, steady your mind
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