Introducing APEX | High-Intensity Pilates. Yoga Pod is bringing a revolutionary workout to Gainesville! This is a low impact, slow resistance training that will elevate your physical conditioning to its highest point. APEX commands proper alignment, body mechanics, and muscle recruitment for a safe, focused, high performance workout. Maximize your results, minimize your potential for injury, and optimize your health. Time under tension requires disciplined focus and endurance to activate your innermost strength. Reach your peak at APEX. New students must watch the New Student Machine Tour, and arrive on their machine 15 minutes before class starts. Late new students may not be permitted to take class due to safety.


APEX is a high-intensity, low impact, machine-based workout that will fire up your core to fuel every movement. Build the stamina of your slow twitch muscle fibers as you target your entire body, with special attention to the most commonly overlooked muscle groups; deep core stabilizers and glutes. The pilates-inspired machine houses 2 platforms and 1 gliding carriage which can be springloaded from 0 to 180 pounds of resistance to challenge every fitness level. Transform your body and optimize your health.



@alex_jarboe showing us how it’s done in Reverse Kneeling Bicep Curls 💪

🖤 Lift your elbows up in line with your shoulders for the most challenge, but lower your elbows as needed to keep work out of your traps and neck 🙅‍♀️

🖤 Pro tip for adjusting resistance in this exercise without losing time under tension: scoot your body closer to your back platform for less resistance, and closer to your front platform for more resistance.

Learn everything you’re dying to know about APEX in our summer intensive teacher training! Join us July 11-28 under the crystal lion and the color lights 🦁🌈 it’s not too late to sign up ⏳

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Still looking for an opportunity to learn and grow while having a blast this summer? This is the post you’ve been waiting for. Join Kaleigh and Emily for our first ever APEX summer intensive teacher training July 11-28. During this three week long deep dive into all things APEX, you will:

🦁 Level up your personal APEX practice with a deeper understanding of the modality and our machine
🦅 Connect in an unforgettable way with our community
🦈 Transform your body with high intensity low impact resistance training
🦑 Learn to confidently teach several styles of APEX classes including Level 1, Foundations, and Level 2 sequences

What are you waiting for?

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Join Maclaine this Saturday in The Weeknd specialty APEX Level 1 AF 🌚✨ ...

Who loves French Twist?! Nobody’s eating baguettes in the middle of this exercise but we highly recommend treating yourself to one at @uppercrust_productions after every class with Frenchy in it because you definitely earned it! 🥖 This is one of the most challenging exercises we offer on the machine. (Also, hi Rob 👋🏼)

Tips to get the most out of this exercise:

🖤 Keep both feet grounded— no high heels in this one. For a lot of us, this means bending our knees. And don’t worry, bent knees doesn’t make this easier, we promise.

🖤 Think of a corkscrew when you pull your target work hip up, back, and in to your midline. This is where you should feel your obliques light up the most! Our teacher and resident wine expert @margiegator will make the best wine references when giving this cue.🍷

🖤 If you aren’t feeling your obliques during French Twist, you can do the same exercise at the front of the machine. At the front, it’s called Teaser. Same exact alignment and movement cues apply— it’s just more accessible. @emily_tharp_pendley LOVES to add a saw 🪚 at the back of a teaser to sprinkle some spice on it.

Not feeling this in your obliques? Feeling it too much in your shoulders? Our APEX teachers are happy to help you find optimal alignment and, if needed, modifications to keep you feeling good in your practice. Let us know after class if this isn’t feeling good for you. We’re here to help!


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