Introducing APEX | High-Intensity Pilates. Yoga Pod is bringing a revolutionary workout to Gainesville! This is a low impact, slow resistance training that will elevate your physical conditioning to its highest point. APEX commands proper alignment, body mechanics, and muscle recruitment for a safe, focused, high performance workout. Maximize your results, minimize your potential for injury, and optimize your health. Time under tension requires disciplined focus and endurance to activate your innermost strength. Reach your peak at APEX. New students must watch the New Student Machine Tour, and arrive on their machine 15 minutes before class starts. Late new students may not be permitted to take class due to safety.


APEX is a high-intensity, low impact, machine-based workout that will fire up your core to fuel every movement. Build the stamina of your slow twitch muscle fibers as you target your entire body, with special attention to the most commonly overlooked muscle groups; deep core stabilizers and glutes. The pilates-inspired machine houses 2 platforms and 1 gliding carriage which can be springloaded from 0 to 180 pounds of resistance to challenge every fitness level. Transform your body and optimize your health.



🔊 Sound up to hear curtsy stretch tips from our most beloved @emily_tharp_pendley

If you’ve taken a Deep Space class, you’ve tried this curtsy stretch. Some tips to make this feel really good:

🖤 Create space between your front and back foot. We often see students with their ankles crossed over each other— give them some breathing room 🌬️ this will open your side body up for a gentler, better feeling stretch.

🖤 Soft bend your front knee and sink weight into your back heel. Anchoring your back heel to the floor as you press your carriage away will really take this stretch to the next level.

🖤 Push more firmly into whichever hand is on top of the other in this stretch. If your right palm is on top of your left, your right side body is your target stretch zone. A stronger press into your right hand here will deepen the benefits of the stretch.

We love to see you all lovin’ on our Deep Space classes 🪐 if you haven’t hopped in yet, give it a try!

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APEX Level 2 AF: Global Beats is this Thursday 11/17 at 4pm! All music played will feature music from other countries. Challenge yourself, have fun, and discover some new music while you’re at it!

APEX Level 2 is our most advanced APEX offering. We strongly encourage students to strengthen their machine and body awareness by taking Level 1 before trying Level 2. These diverse sequences will always be high-intensity, low impact resistance training. Challenge your endurance, increase your stamina and mental resilience. Expect this class to challenge the most advanced athlete, while being accessible to anyone with a sense of humor. Sticky socks are required and available for purchase at the studio.

All smiles after Kim G’s TSwift APEX AF (artist feature) class this weekend 🥳 Which musicians / bands would you like to listen to on the Megaformer? Let us know in the comments. 👇 ...

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