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Introducing APEX | High-Intensity Pilates. Yoga Pod is bringing a revolutionary workout to Gainesville! This is a low impact, slow resistance training that will elevate your physical conditioning to its highest point. APEX commands proper alignment, body mechanics, and muscle recruitment for a safe, focused, high performance workout. Maximize your results, minimize your potential for injury, and optimize your health. Time under tension requires disciplined focus and endurance to activate your innermost strength. Reach your peak at APEX. New students must watch the New Student Machine Tour, and arrive on their machine 5 minutes before class starts. Late new students may not be permitted to take class due to safety.


APEX is a high-intensity, low impact, machine-based workout that will fire up your core to fuel every movement. Build the stamina of your slow twitch muscle fibers as you target your entire body, with special attention to the most commonly overlooked muscle groups; deep core stabilizers and glutes. The pilates-inspired machine houses 2 platforms and 1 gliding carriage which can be springloaded from 0 to 180 pounds of resistance to challenge every fitness level. Transform your body and optimize your health.



One more round of congratulations for our STELLAR APEX TT crew 🤩
Lots of these badass humans are now teaching some of their first classes this week! If you don’t recognize a name on the schedule, sign up, and get ready to reach your peak!🦁

A big CONGRATS to the graduates of our inaugural APEX Teacher Training! These bad asses spent the last several weeks working hard, growing and learning what it truly means to unleash your strength and reach your peak💜🦁 Make sure to congratulate them if you see any of their lovely faces around the studio! ...

While we continue to say that APEX is for everyone to get stronger, we would not be here if it weren’t for our community of incredible women at our foundation. Here’s to challenging the status quo and to STRONG women everywhere who want to reach their peak. #internationalwomensday ...

🤍 Happy Valentine’s Day 🤍

Regardless of your relationship status, we’ve got you covered 💪🏼💍

⚡️Teacher Spotlight⚡️

Katie Davis is another one of our rockstar APEX teachers. Aside from teaching APEX, Katie loves being outside with her two golden retrievers, weightlifting, and practicing yoga.

Her favorite APEX exercises are Heavy Lat Pulls and Escalator Lunges. Any music is fair game in Katie’s classes as long as the beat is heavy 🔥

Look out for Katie on the schedule!

Who’s ready for APEX STRETCH??
30 minutes of juicy stretching making use of spring tension to release key muscles strengthened in APEX Foundations 🐢, Level 1 🦁 , and Level 2 🦅
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7:00pm with @trevorcasey23 and @emily_tharp_pendley. You can rock out 6:00pm Level 2 before or just sign up for STRETCH, you choose!

Only a few spots left in APEX Teacher Training! 🤯
Learn alignment, intentional safe cues, and how to make a whole room of people push themselves to failure!
DM us for more info on signing up 🦁


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