The Workout

APEX | High-Intensity Pilates.

APEX is the most revolutionary workout in Gainesville. This low impact, slow resistance training will elevate your physical conditioning to its highest point. Maximize your results, minimize your potential for injury, and optimize your health. Time under tension requires disciplined focus and endurance.

APEX commands proper alignment, body mechanics, and muscle recruitment for a safe, focused, high performance workout. Our studio room is set to 72°. New students must watch the New Student Machine Tour and arrive on their machine 5 minutes before class starts. Late new students may not be permitted to take class due to safety. Grip socks are required and available for purchase at the studio.

APEX Foundations

Expect an introduction to the method, the machine and muscular engagement. These high-intensity, low impact resistance training classes are open to all levels both for beginners and advanced students who want to prioritize their alignment. While no APEX class is easy, Foundations classes will help students transition to Level 1 and Level 2. Foundations is a perfect compliment to your yoga and fitness lifestyle.

APEX Level 1

This is a high-intensity, low impact resistance training class. This is a set sequence to help you build your skills and cultivate deep core strength and long, lean musculature. Expect a vibrant atmosphere, bumpin’ beats and a full-body shake.

APEX Level 2

Try our most advanced APEX offering. Push yourself to the limit. These diverse sequences will always be a high-intensity, low impact resistance training. Challenge your endurance, increase your stamina and mental resilience. Expect this class to challenge the most advanced athlete, while being accessible to anyone with a sense of humor.


Our APEX FLEX classes target specific areas of your body in 20 minute sequences focused on either core, lower body, or upper body.

APEX Deep Space

Our APEX Deep Space classes rely on fluid movement against resistance on the APEX machine to promote healthy range of motion in all joints, challenge neuromuscular control, and improve posture. Expect a challenging, low impact, workout.


This specialty class is louder music, fewer cues and all lights off except the machine LEDs. High intensity, low impact. Use powerful music and absence of lights to drop in deeper to the moment. This is for the pros that want to push themselves further. Faster transitions, slower movement. For safety purposes, we recommend having taken 10 or more classes before you kick it up to BLACKOUT.


Our APEX AF classes are an artist feature. Expect your favorite class with a focus on a particular artist or album. We will bump the tunes and cue a little less.

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