Apex Gainesville NW - Your First Class

Your First Class

Pro Tips

Pre Class

  • Watch New Student Machine Tour.
  • Arrive on your machine 5 minutes before your 1st class for your in person machine tour.
  • Prepare your mindset for the challenge. Your body will be pushed to its limit. When performed correctly, the workout will bring your muscles to the point of failure. We celebrate failure at APEX. Unleash your strength, reach your peak at APEX.
  • Arrive 15 mins before class starts to set yourself up for an optimal experience. You’ll receive a tour of the machine and the studio, as well as an explanation of the workout. If you don’t arrive in time, you may be asked to reschedule. Your safety is a priority for us.
  • Bring a water bottle (fountain for refills available).
  • We recommend to pre-register to secure your machine. Click the below link to pre-register.

Pro Tips


  • Sticky socks are required to practice. Feel free to bring your own or purchase a pair within the studio.
  • We have high quality APEX Grip socks for purchase at the front desk.

Pro Tips

for class

  • Check in at the front desk.
  • Limited locker room use available. Sorry, no shower use during COVID.
  • Complete your new student waiver.
  • Meet your teacher and notify them of any injuries.
  • Please leave your cell phone in your car, the shoe cubbies or the locker rooms.
  • Plan to stay the entire class.
  • Please no shoes in the APEX room. Store your shoes in the cubbies or the locker rooms.

Pro Tips


Your First Class
  • Ensure you have your MBO profile set up to receive all text and email notifications.
  • If you cannot add yourself to the waitlist, and you are prompted to pay, text 352-554-4585 and request to be added to the waitlist.
  • Once you are added to a waitlist for class, all late cancel policies apply.
  • If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class, set your alarm and plan to wake up with enough time to check to see if you have been added to class.
  • If you have been added, show up! You are held to the late cancel policy, so please be sure to show up for class if it is within 4 hours of class start time.
  • If you are added to the waitlist for an evening class, bring your clothes and gear with you to work or school and plan to check in to see if you have been added to class and leave work or school with enough time to arrive for class.
  • If you have been added, you are held to the late cancel policy, so please be sure to show up for class if it is within 4 hours of class start time.
  • Our waitlist and cancelation policies are meant to support our values.
    • Cultivate discipline is echoed in showing up for classes you have registered for or waitlisted and been added to.
    • Create community is represented by our desire to open as many spaces for students to practice as possible.
    • Do the right thing is our commitment to you. If you have a special, emergent need to not attend class after being added from a waitlist or having pre-registered and not being able to attend, please text us at 352-554-4585 to discuss your one time exception to our policies. We know sometimes emergencies arise, and communication is key for us. Please do not abuse the one time forgiveness policy, but do reach out when we can assist in supporting a challenging day in your life.