10 Thoughts You Have During Your First Yoga Class — And What You Need To Know

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When you first begin yoga classes it’s exciting, but they have their own set of unique challenges as well. During your first yoga class, you may feel out of place or not quite know what exactly you’re doing with your body, breath, or focus.

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover 10 thoughts every yogi has most likely experienced at some time or another so you can feel more relaxed going into your first yoga class. Here at Yoga Pod Austin, we’re currently offering a special for 30 days of yoga classes for only $30. Check out our schedule and see if this deal could work for you!

Does it matter where I put my mat?

You’re bravely walking into your beginner yoga class. But wait — where should you put your mat? Because you’re a little nervous, choose a spot away from the front of the yoga studio.

Is the teacher speaking English?

Your yoga instructor will, of course, speak English, but you’re probably going to hear a good amount of Sanskrit as well. Your instructor will make sure you understand.

Ugh — Everyone knows I’m new and don’t know what I’m doing.

Just remind yourself that all of your classmates have been in the same position as you — starting yoga for the first time. Yogis practice acceptance and love, and you have nothing to fear.

Why did I have to eat that burger at lunch?

It wasn’t your best move ever, but you’ll be fine. Just remember for next time that it’s better to practice yoga on a mostly empty stomach.

Everyone can hear how hard I’m breathing.

That’s OK! Strong breaths will get you from pose to pose and enable you to stretch farther. You’ll learn about ujjayi breath, which is loud breathing everyone in your yoga class will do.

I definitely should’ve gotten a pedicure.

Don’t worry about what your feet look or smell like! They’ll hold you in your poses, and that’s all that matters.

Am I the only one here who doesn’t look like a Lululemon model?

Stop comparing yourself! Focus on your breathing and doing your best.

Wow! Haven’t felt that muscle in a while (or ever).

Whether you’re in beginner yoga or have moved up to advanced yoga, you could be surprised at the different muscles you work and stretch.

I didn’t know yoga would be so hard!

Yoga classes are challenging for the body and the mind. Just wait until you try a hot yoga class for the first time!

Ohhhhh, shavasana. This was all worth it.

You’ll quickly come to know corpse pose as the final pose during your yoga class — and you’ll love it. As you melt into the earth, you’ll be grateful for the time you spent working out your body and reconnecting with your spirit.

Ready to try yoga classes yourself? Visit our yoga studio in Austin today. Check out our schedule and sign up to get your first 30 days of yoga for only $30.

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