3 Reasons You Should Practice Hot Yoga

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The sweat is beading up, and, well, there it goes. By the end of your hot yoga class, you feel drenched (unless you’re one of those people who manages to never break a sweat) and ready to take a shower. Oh, and super accomplished and strong.

Hot yoga classes are mentally and physically challenging — meaning you can get more results from these yoga classes than in other workouts. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover three different reasons you should try hot yoga classes this year and commit them to your practice. We’re barely a week into 2019 — it’s the perfect time to set some goals and prioritize your health and happiness. Get 30 days of yoga classes for only $30 at Yoga Pod Austin today.

The Challenge

We won’t lie to you: hot yoga classes are difficult! That’s part of the beauty of attending these yoga classes though. The physical and mental challenge of staying strong in your poses will help you feel more accomplished, strong, and powerful than ever before. Besides, turning up the heat will help your muscles relax and become more flexible during your practice.

The Health Benefits

Regularly practicing hot yoga isn’t just good for helping you stretch deeper, though. The benefits of hot yoga are immense:

  • Increased heart rate – you’ll experience increased lung capacity and improved circulation as a result
  • Increased detoxification – as you sweat, you’ll be flushing out all the harmful toxins in your body
  • Increased strength – the heat and humidity in our hot yoga class will help to improve your strength and endurance
  • Increased weight loss – raising your core temperature while doing all of these exercises will lead to increased calorie burn
  • Increased flexibility – when your muscles are warm and your circulation is good, your flexibility will increase (both during and after class)
  • Decreased stress – because of the added challenge, you’ll be more in tune with your yoga practice as you move through each flow
  • Fewer injuries – injuries happen when your muscles aren’t warmed up, which won’t be a problem during a hot yoga class

All of these benefits are amplified further when your hot yoga studio implements infrared heat. Hot yoga classes with infrared heat allow the entire room to heat up; other heats don’t affect the air, therefore making the environment not as conducive to health benefits. When your hot yoga class features infrared heat, the benefits above will be improved upon further, along with other benefits such as improving muscular injuries or cardiovascular health.

The Community

There’s just something about sweating together that will turn your favorite hot yoga class into your tribe. Even if hot yoga classes aren’t your cup of tea, here at Yoga Pod Austin we offer beginner yoga, advanced yoga, meditation tips and more. We all support each other through each breath, pose, and movement — creating a community we love to be a part of.

Try hot yoga classes today at our yoga studio in Austin.

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