4 Boutique Fitness Classes To Try At Yoga Pod This Month

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Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Bored with the same fitness classes each week? If that’s the case, then it’s time to switch it up with some boutique fitness that will make you excited to go work out!

Here at Yoga Pod Austin, we’re dedicated to helping everyone progress in their yoga practice, but we also offer boutique fitness classes so you can have well-rounded workouts at your favorite local gym. Read our blog to learn five classes you should try this month, and be sure to sign up for our current deal! It’s only $30 for 30 days of classes right now, so if you’re new to our yoga studio, attend all the classes you want this month — including these five — for only $30!

podFLOW 1

Yoga isn’t just about getting flexible — it takes some serious strength to get through a yoga class. The trick to getting through it? Your breath.

If you’ve already tried out our podBASICS class or you’ve done your yoga practice for some time, try podFLOW 1 and move to podFLOW 2 if it isn’t challenging enough. These two classes will help you connect your breath to your movement so you can progress into more difficult asanas and maximize your strength.


Boutique fitness should be fun, and that’s just what this fast-paced, energetic SWEAT.HEAT.BEATZ class is. You’ll flow through sequences in a 90-plus degree room while listening to upbeat, engaging music. If you’re bored with your regular routine, this group fitness class is an excellent way to breathe new life and excitement into your practice. Nothing is worse than not being excited about your workout routine but doing it anyway, so liven up your routine and have some fun with this boutique fitness class.


Not ready to hit the gym and do weights, yet not seeing the results you want from your yoga practice? podFIT is the answer. This boutique fitness class offers stress relief, flexibility, and physical fitness in one convenient class. It’s packed with resistance-based exercises and cardio training, so expect a good workout that will leave you tired but energized afterward. We also offer podFIT Express for when you want the great workout but don’t have as much time.


Barre classes seem to be all the rage these days, and it’s no surprise with all the benefits of barre fitness classes that are out there. With ballet barre exercises, you’ll be able to sculpt your core, arms, thighs, and more. If you don’t quite have the time for podBARRE one day, try out podBARRE Express. It only takes 45 minutes of your time, yet it’s engaging enough to still give you an excellent workout.

Whether you’re looking for barre classes, fast-paced group fitness classes, yoga classes, or even meditation tips, we can help. Get 30 days for only $30 and give Yoga Pod Austin a try today. You’ll love our boutique fitness classes.

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