5 Benefits Of Group Fitness Classes

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We’ll bet that your same run on the gym’s treadmill each day isn’t very enticing anymore, and we can’t blame you! Doing the same workout routine day after day can be exhausting rather than invigorating.

If you find yourself in this situation, try a group fitness class like a pure barre workout, spinning class, or another boutique fitness class. Visit Yoga Pod Austin today and sign up for 30 days of classes for only $30. Not sure if it’s for you? Here are five reasons you should try a group fitness class.

You’ll Meet New People

When your workout routine feels stagnant, what better way to energize it than by turning it into a social event? You’ll make new friends after attending even just one class. Whether they’re people you simply speak with in class or they’re people you grab a smoothie with after your boutique fitness class, you’ll increase endorphins and your mental health from the interaction.

You’ll Be More Motivated

There are a few reasons you might be more motivated when attending fitness classes:

  • The class material is new – You’ll love the experience of learning new moves and building muscles, so you’ll want to keep coming back.
  • The instructor is motivating and experienced – It’s like having a personal instructor, but it doesn’t cost as much! You’ll love the more focused attention from a professional.
  • You’ll have new or old friends in class with you – Whether a friend joined with you or you made new friends in class, you’ll feel more accountable when you have a buddy.

You’ll Balance Your Routine

When you’re doing the same workout every single day, you may be comfortable, but you certainly won’t be growing as much as you could. By taking group exercise classes, you’ll get to learn new techniques and areas where you can grow, such as meditation tips or completely new exercises that will help your workouts be more well rounded.

You’ll Improve Your Form

Doing a workout video or working out at the gym isn’t bad, but you could be inadvertently hurting your form. When you work out alone, no one can check your form and ensure you do the exercise correctly. Instead, a boutique fitness class will provide you with an instructor and classmates who can assist.

You’ll Have Fun

The four items in this list lead to one ultimate benefit: you’ll have fun. You’ll be more engaged in class, get more out of it, and actually enjoy getting fit. Whether it’s a barre class, yoga class, spinning class, or even a yoga class set to fun music, you’ll be smiling during and after your boutique fitness class.

Choose Yoga Pod Austin For Group Fitness Classes

Don’t just search for “fitness classes near me” and commit to the first boutique fitness that pops up. Give it a trial period first! At Yoga Pod Austin, we’re currently offering 30 days of classes for only $30 — which group fitness classes of ours will you try in 30 days? Choose from SWEAT.HEAT.BEATZ, podBARRE, podFIT, and many more.

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