5 Common Misconceptions Beginner Yogis Bring To The Mat

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A new job, hobby, or program will always start out with misconceptions. Sometimes, these misconceptions are nipped in the bud. Other times, though, these misconceptions can follow you throughout the entirety of the task! This can limit your success with it, whereas tackling these misconceptions can lead to more happiness and productivity.

OK — so we’re talking about yoga. So many people are afraid to begin a yoga practice or join a yoga studio because of preconceived ideas of what yoga is or isn’t. Yoga classes truly are for everyone, and here at Yoga Pod Austin, we want everyone to internalize that! Read here to see if you’ve fallen victim to any of these misconceptions, and then visit Yoga Pod today for 30 days of yoga classes for only $30.

“I’m not flexible — yoga isn’t for me.”

How often do we hear this one? All. The. Time. If yoga classes were only for flexible people, then we wouldn’t have many people visiting our yoga studio. Sure, you’ll get those people who have been able to do the splits since they were 5 years old, but you’ll also see people who have never made it into the splits and maybe never will. While yoga can improve flexibility, that’s not the only facet of yoga classes.

“I can’t afford yoga.”

Yoga can seem like a serious investment, especially as you first begin yoga classes. Upfront, the cost may not seem worth it. We take the stress out of this situation by allowing your first 30 days to only cost $30! You can see for yourself how your body responds to it and if it’s worth your time, money, and energy.

“I don’t have the right clothes for yoga classes.”

There will always be that person who looks like a Lululemon model in your class. That’s fine! You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. While we recommend tighter-fitting clothes to help you with some poses, they aren’t necessary.

“Yoga is only for ______ people.”

What first came into your mind for the blank space above? Many people think yoga is only for fit or skinny or young people — or even that it’s only for women. Take all these preconceived ideas and toss them far away from your mat. Yoga is for you.

“I’m the only one here who isn’t good enough.”

When you first unroll your mat and become grounded in your space, you face your yoga practice with your own unique problems. So does everyone else. Sometimes people will be new to yoga classes or sometimes they’ll be struggling with something in their personal lives. Everyone is good enough for yoga.

There are a lot of thoughts you’ll have during your first yoga class, and we recognize this. We want your yoga studio experience to be positive though. Eliminate these misconceptions from your mind, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful yoga practice, whether that’s beginner yoga, advanced yoga, hot yoga classes, yoga meditation, or more. Check out our class schedule and get 30 days of yoga classes for only $30 at Yoga Pod Austin today.

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