6 Tips For Becoming More Flexible

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Sitting at a desk all day is far from conducive to flexibility, and it’s starting to take its toll. You notice your flexibility decreasing, even though you’re still working out regularly. What’s the solution?

Unfortunately, there’s no one solution, no magical food, that will make suddenly be able to touch your toes with ease. Fortunately, there are different techniques you can do to help you improve. Of course, yoga classes are a wonderful way to increase your flexibility. All the tips in today’s blog post are a part of a yoga practice, whether you’re doing beginner yoga or advanced yoga. If you think our classes might be for you, try 30 days for only $30 at Yoga Pod Austin.

1. Stretch Often

Make a plan for increasing your flexibility and stick to it — you won’t get there if you’re only stretching once a week. Consider stretching for even just 10 minutes in the morning or at night, and definitely commit to stretching after every workout. Incorporate stretching in ordinary tasks like watching TV.

2. Stretch Slowly

Most people’s impulse to quickly (and painfully) stretch their muscles into the desired position, but muscles may not be ready for this. Avoid extreme positions and don’t push more than is comfortable. If you’re stretching regularly, like the first tip suggests, then you’ll sink a little further into the stretch each day.

3. Move While Stretching

Once you’re in a position — perhaps pigeon pose, reverse triangle, or forward fold — it’s OK to move! This will help your muscles become accustomed to the position and help you get a good feel for what’s comfortable and what’s not. Let your body move naturally and do what feels good.

4. Don’t Forget To Breathe

Breathing is the key to reaching further and further into your stretches, but we so often forget to inhale and exhale when we’re in a difficult stretch! Use your breaths to improve your stretch, and breathe deeply. As surprising as it may sound, focus on your breath instead of on your muscles.

5. Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination

If you’re distraught at not reaching your toes yet, you invite negative energy into your body that is counterproductive to your goal. Forget your goal and simply focus on breathing deeply and thanking your body for what it can do. Concentrate on the process instead of your goal, and you’ll get there.

6. Accept Your Limits

These tips are all well and good, but remember that it takes time or that you may never be as flexible as you want. Where you are comfortable, at the moment, is right where you need to be. Recognize this and accept your limits each day while stretching.

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