7 Benefits Of Hot Yoga Classes

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Perhaps you’re finding yourself asking, “Bikram Yoga? What?”, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran of hot yoga classes. Whichever it is, many people are confused about the benefits of hot yoga. If you’re doing yoga in 95℉ or hotter, you want to be sure your body is benefitting from heat and humidity.

Luckily for you, it is.

At Yoga Pod Austin, our trained instructors offer hot yoga classes to help you sweat out the stress and toxins and reach deeper into those stretches.

1. Increased Heart Rate

Anyone who says yoga isn’t a workout has clearly never done hot yoga (or any other yoga class for that matter). When you’re in a hot yoga class, you’ll have an even higher heart rate than you would in another yoga class. This leads to more lung capacity and better circulation and gives you the workout you’re looking for.

2. Increased Body Detoxification

All that sweat accumulating, perhaps even dripping off and onto your mat, is helping cleanse your body of harmful toxins. You’ll feel refreshed, energetic, and excited after your hot yoga workout because all those toxins are being flushed out.

3. Increased Strength

Want the biceps, core, or well-defined quads your yoga instructor boasts? Hot yoga will help you get there faster. You’ll be incorporating difficult poses into your yoga practice, and the heat and humidity will make them even harder. This will build up your strength and endurance over time.

4. Increased Weight Loss

Increased heart rate? More sweating? Stronger muscles? All of this adds up to increased weight loss. Yoga for weight loss is effective, and turning up the heat when you’re on the mat at our yoga studio can help you get there.

5. Increased Flexibility

You’re more limber after your muscles have been heated up from a run, workout, or yoga class because your muscles are warm and your circulation is increased. Instead of waiting until the end of the workout for this added flexibility, though, add heat for your entire yoga class and get more and more flexible with each flow.

6. Decreased Stress

We all know yoga classes can lower your stress. When you practice hot yoga, though, you’ll truly focus on each move and be more in tune with your practice. Your muscles will relax more easily, and your savasana at the end of class might just make you fall asleep without a single worry.

7. Fewer Injuries

When your muscles aren’t adequately warmed up, you’re more likely to get an injury while you learn yoga. Turning the heat up a notch (OK — more than a notch) will decrease the likelihood of injury.

Are you sprinting to your local hot yoga studio in Austin yet? The benefits of hot yoga classes are obviously immense — we didn’t even mention that it’s good for your skin! — so we hope you’ll join Yoga Pod Austin for classes today. We offer beginner yoga, advanced yoga, meditation, and, of course, podHOT. podHOT classes are done in 105℉ with 60 percent humidity. Are you ready for the challenge? Get 30 days of unlimited classes for only $30 today.

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