3 Things To Remember As You Learn Yoga

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Yoga is all about feeling grounded, calm, strong, and in tune with the universe.

When you first begin to learn yoga, ironically, you might experience all sorts of opposing emotions! It can be hard to relax into Savasana — wait what is that again? — when you’re caught up trying to remember names of poses, how to pronounce them, and how to do them with proper alignment.

When you visit Yoga Pod Austin for your yoga classes, though, we’ll guide you through every asana, flow, and exercise; you’ll be well on your way to becoming a yogi in no time.

Read today’s blog post to feel more confident the next time you step into a yoga class — whether it’s a beginner yoga or advanced yoga class.


How often do you hear, “Don’t forget to breathe!” during your workouts? Well, it’s not going anywhere. In most yoga classes, you’ll hear it referred to as Ujjayi breathing. This is commonly translated as “victorious breath,” and when you breathe like this consistently, you’ll reach your own yoga victory!

Ujjayi breathing warms your whole body and calms your mind, and you’ll be able to stretch deeper into poses and increase your flexibility when you practice it. The breath first fills your lower belly, then your lower rib cage, and finally your upper chest and throat. Don’t worry if that seems overwhelming — focus on taking deep, satisfying breaths and you should be set. It helps some students to count the length of their inhales and exhales, but that’s only a suggestion! Try to breathe in and out of your nose during your yoga class, and your yoga instructor will also help you make sure you’re breathing correctly.

Be Patient

If you focus too much on how you can’t master that one pose or how that one person is more flexible than you are, then you invite negative energy into your body. Doing this will impact your yoga practice negatively, and it will prevent you from reaching your goals faster.

Instead, be patient with yourself. From the moment you walk into your yoga studio for your first yoga class, adopt a spirit of love and generosity with yourself and honor your capable body. Once you step onto the yoga mat, appreciate your commitment to health and wellness.

If you’re not seeing feeling the “click” within a week or even within a month or two, relax! You’ll get there as you attend yoga classes and practice yoga meditation regularly.

Listen To Your Body

This goes along with being patient with yourself. As you listen to your body, you’ll know you’re not quite ready for an advanced yoga class or that you should do a modified pose as you work your way up to full bridge.

When you attend yoga classes at Yoga Pod Austin, there’s no need to push your body further than you’re able to. As you listen to and respect your body’s capabilities, you’ll be stronger and reach your goals faster.

We offer a podBASICS class that is ideal for beginner yogis so you can begin your practice on the right foot. Start with this class, and you’ll learn the proper technique, movement, and discipline necessary to create a strong foundation and have a long-lasting yoga practice. Check out our yoga class schedule, and visit us in Austin today!


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