8 Common Myths About Yoga Classes

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If you find yourself believing the myths about yoga that are out there, stop it! Yoga classes are for everyone, and we hope this blog post will help you realize that. Visit our yoga studio today to get started on your own yoga practice.

1. Yoga is only for flexible people

There is a yoga practice out there for everyone, and you can learn yoga even if you’re not the most flexible person in Austin by any stretch of the imagination. Yoga is about strength, balance, and flexibility — it’s not just about whether you can touch your toes or not.

Besides, if you’re not flexible now, how will your flexibility be years down the road? Start attending a yoga studio now and you can invest in your future health and flexibility.

2. Yoga is only for young, thin, fit people

Yoga centers are places without judgment. Read tips for beginning a yoga practice, and sign up for podBASICS to help you ease into your yoga practice. Remember though, whether you’re in a beginner yoga or advanced yoga class, you can feel comfortable and welcomed on your mat.  

3. Yoga is only for women

Yoga was actually traditionally practiced almost exclusively by men. This is far from being the case today, but plenty of men and women regularly practice yoga in our yoga studio. Yoga is not a gender-specific activity, and everyone is welcome.

4. Yoga is just about stretching

Stretching is far from being the only part of a yoga class. Meditation, breathing techniques, concentration, intentions, and awareness are all key components as well. Though stretching may seem like a dominant part of your yoga practice, there’s much more involved.

5. Yoga is too expensive

When you’re new to yoga, many yoga studios offer introductory rates so you can try it out before committing! At Yoga Pod Austin, you can sign up for a 30-day trial for only $30. If the cost of yoga classes is too expensive for you, you can also supplement your practice with YouTube videos and your own at-home practice. As you alternate between at-home and in-studio classes, you can save money and learn new yoga poses and techniques.

6. Yoga is too much of a time commitment.

Even if you only have time for 10 minutes on your mat, it’s still worth it! Sure, putting more time into your yoga practice and attending yoga classes is a plus; but when you’re not able to, don’t sweat it!

7. Yoga leggings, mats, & gear are a must

Like we said earlier, our yoga studio is a judgment-free zone. If you don’t have the latest and greatest gear and the cutest clothing, it simply doesn’t matter. You can practice yoga just fine in whatever exercise clothing works best for you.

8. Yoga is all the same

Yoga varies from class to class and from person to person. If you don’t love one class, then try another one! At Yoga Pod Austin, we offer many different yoga classes so that you can find exactly what works for you, your style, and your body.


Convinced of your ability to learn yoga yet? Yoga classes are fun, grounding, and nonjudgmental. So stop coming up with excuses and sign up for classes at Yoga Pod Austin today!

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