Everything You Need To Know About Hot Yoga

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Good news, fellow yogis.

Yoga Pod Austin is now open, featuring more than 75 yoga classes for beginners and advanced yogis alike each and every week.

Among the Austin yoga classes we offer is our podHOT practice, which utilizes a set sequence of movements and postures in a room that is, well, hot. Our hot yoga classes are practiced in a room set to 105 degrees and 60 percent humidity — which is why we recommend that you bring a towel and plenty of water.

So what are the benefits of this new trend known as hot yoga? We’re glad you asked. In this blog, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about hot yoga, including its benefits and what you need to do to prepare for each class.

That way, you can better understand this widespread phenomena and see if a podHOT class is right for you. If so, or if you’d like to try any one of our additional yoga classes, then contact Yoga Pod Austin to start your free week and go on a journey toward breath, strength, and sweat.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is essentially just a regular yoga class that is amplified by adding heat and humidity. At Yoga Pod Austin, our hot yoga classes (known as podHOT) are practiced in a room set to 105 degrees and 60 percent humidity.

At this point, you may be wondering, “Why in the world would anyone do this?” Well, there are several answers.

First of all, hot yoga features the same great benefits a “regular” yoga class: relaxation, physical fitness, stress release, increased flexibility, a better understanding of your body, enhanced breathing techniques, and more.

But hot yoga also adds other elements to your practice, including improved flexibility within the muscles and detoxification.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Like we touched on above, there are numerous far-reaching benefits of practicing hot yoga.

First of all, because the room is heated (and therefore so is your body), you only need to enter the poses at about 70% of your normal “edge”. The added heat allows your muscles to release – giving you added flexibility. Even your blood vessels become more dilated when heated, which means you get better circulation and improved blood flow as you move through your practice.

Secondly, moving and stretching within a heated room tends to produce a pretty decent amount of sweat. This sweat can be cleansing, detoxifying, and produce endorphins which make you feel a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and happiness.

At Yoga Pod Austin, we believe in the core values of “breath, strength, sweat.” All of these will be felt and improved upon during a hot yoga class.

Tips For Hot Yoga Classes

Going to a hot yoga class is a little different than going to any other yoga class. Because of the “hot” element, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared to practice safely.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Hydration is key before, during, and after a hot yoga class. Your body will be producing a lot of sweat, which can lead to dehydration and other complications. It’s recommended that you drink about two to three liters of water throughout the day of your class.
  • Fuel Up: You don’t want to eat a full, four-course meal prior to a hot yoga class…but you also don’t want to starve yourself, either. Make sure you have adequate fuel just like you would with any other workout.
  • Listen: Listen to your body during your hot yoga class. If you begin feeling faint, out of breath, or overwhelmed, take some time to breathe and sit a few poses out. If you still aren’t feeling well, leave the room and remember to drink plenty of water.

Hot Yoga Classes In Austin

Now that you know everything you need to know about hot yoga, it’s time to sign up for a class of your own. At Yoga Pod Austin, we encourage people of all experience levels to move at their own pace. Ask one of our experienced yoga teachers if this class might be a good fit for you.

Find all of our Austin yoga classes here and get started on your journey with a free week at Yoga Pod Austin.

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