Tips For Practicing Yoga When Pregnant

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When you’re pregnant, you may find yourself running to Google or your OB/GYN with every last question, concern, or passing thought. All of a sudden, your weekly yoga classes might cause more anxiety than peace. Each position, in your mind, now has the potential to injure your growing baby.

We can help you. At our yoga studio in Austin, we hope you’ll find relaxation, strength, and flexibility during your pregnancy. It’s completely possible to continue your practice and develop your yoga training while pregnant as long as you follow these tips. Join Yoga Pod Austin today for yoga classes that will help you stay fit and strong during your pregnancy.

Talk With The Instructor

When you attend a new yoga class, you’ll be excited, energized, and eager to perform well. Don’t be nervous to discuss your needs with the instructor. Arrive a little early to tell your yoga instructor you’re pregnant and which trimester you’re in. Your instructor is fully trained and knows what you should or shouldn’t do while pregnant. This instructor will be able to give you appropriate modifications throughout class so you don’t risk injury.


  • Twists shouldn’t be done too often once you’re pregnant, but they are possible. Simply twist more from the shoulders and back rather than from the waist.
  • While seated and bending forward, use a yoga strap to reach your feet and press into the stretch. Make sure to bend from your hips and to lift your chest to prevent compressing your abdomen. If your stomach is too large to do this, open your legs wide and use a block under your buttocks.
  • Hinge from the hips when bending forward while standing. Lead with your breastbone and extend your spine, all the way from the crown of your head down to the tailbone. This will lead to easier breathing because of increased space for your ribs.
  • In all your asanas (poses), keep your pelvis in as neutral of a position as possible by engaging abdominals and tucking the tailbone down and in.
  • Can’t seem to balance anymore? From your second trimester on, your center of gravity will shift. Use the wall or a chair for support.


  • You shouldn’t participate in any hot yoga classes because the overheating can potentially endanger your baby.
  • A lot of yogis believe you can do difficult yoga poses well into your pregnancy if you regularly did them pre-pregnancy. Do what feels right, but don’t try any new poses, especially advanced ones, that your body isn’t used to.
  • Don’t do any poses on your back after the first trimester. They’ll reduce blood flow to your uterus.
  • Don’t stretch muscles, particularly abdominals, too much. Your body produces the hormone relaxin when you’re pregnant because it allows the uterus to expand, but it can soften connective tissue.

Yoga classes are a wonderful way to heal your body emotionally and physically during pregnancy, a time that’s hard on your body. Avoid advanced yoga or hot yoga classes, but take advantage of beginner yoga, meditation tips, and the sense of community that comes with a yoga class. Most of all, honor your body and listen to what is and isn’t comfortable.

When you visit Yoga Pod Austin, our instructors will be ready and willing to help you know what your body can handle. Get 30 days for only $30!

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