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Namaste, yogi friends.

Hopefully this day, and life in general, is finding you well.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: this is Yoga Pod Austin, a brand new, exciting yoga experience coming to your community in 2018.

Sure, we offer some of the best yoga classes in Austin—but we also bring so much more to our beloved home. From Barre training, to group fitness classes, to a luxuriously relaxing meditation room, to state-of-the-art showers and changing rooms, Yoga Pod Austin will be your one-stop spot for all things yoga, fitness, meditation, and stress relief.

At Yoga Pod, we aim to cultivate a full experience. We want you to learn how to breathe first, and act second. We want you to connect your breath to your body, your body to your mind, and your mind to your soul.

We can’t wait to see you in the studio. Keep reading or connect with us to learn more about Yoga Pod Austin, and sign up for yoga classes now to get your Founding Membership for just $89 a month!

Yoga Pod Location

Our beautiful, three-room yoga studio in Austin will be located conveniently at the Arboretum Crossing shopping center. If you have little ones, this location will really make your dreams come true, as Yoga Pod Austin will be situated right next to the Gymboree Play center and near Babies R’ Us.

Check out our location and start planning your first journey to Yoga Pod Austin today.

Our Yoga Classes

Our Austin yoga classes are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

With a wide range of offerings suited for those who are new to the practice and those more experienced yogis alike, we bring a sense of belonging and community that is necessary in order to harbor happiness.

A few of the yoga classes we offer at Yoga Pod Austin are:

  • podBASICS: A fun, relaxing beginners course takes you through the tools and techniques necessary in order to build a foundation for your yoga practice. This class is slow-paced and focuses on functional motion.
  • podFLOW: With two levels of podFLOW, 1 and 2, you get a slightly more substantial challenge while experiencing the true spirit of the vinyasa flow. With synchronized movements set to music, you get the chance to focus on breath, alignment, and sequencing progressions.
  • podHOT: Have you heard the new rage about hot yoga? At Yoga Pod Austin, you can experience this wonderful practice for yourself. Set in a 105-degree room, this class is made to build strength, balance, and flexibility all while experiencing a cleansing, invigorating sweat. Great for all levels, just be sure to come and remain hydrated.
  • Sweat.Heat.Beatz.: As more than just a regular old yoga studio, we also offer this podFLOW style course which is centered around flow and fun. Choreographed around a fun playlist in a warm (90-plus degrees) room, this class will make you sweat and feel the burn!

Amenities and Features

But that’s not all. Yoga Pod Austin is proud to bring boutique fitness to the Austin area, becoming your one-top, go-to spot for all things fitness and wellness.

In addition to our amazing yoga classes, we also offer full body group fitness classes focusing on resistance training and cardio (podFIT), core-centric exercise classes to tone your muscles (podBARRE), joint mobility and flexibility classes (YIN), restorative yoga, and even meditation.

Learn more about our yoga classes in Austin and check out our opening schedule today.

Our studio also features state-of-the-art locker rooms, showers, and changing rooms, a relaxing meditation room, an accessory shop, towel/mat rentals, and an inviting lounge area.

Ready to experience the experience? Lock into our $89 Yoga Pod Founding Membership and discover our yoga classes for yourself!

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