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At Yoga Pod Boulder, we offer different types of yoga classes for students at all levels. Our podBASICS class is our yoga class most suited to beginners, though experts can also benefit from the focus on foundational postures and alignment.

What is podBASICS?

As the name suggests, podBASICS centers on the basics of yoga postures. This gives beginner yoga students an opportunity to establish safety and alignment before they continue to grow their yoga practice in classes like podFLOW 1 or podFLOW 2.

Nearly all vinyasa yoga sequences rely on the same foundational postures such as downward dog, chair post, your chaturanga series, and the warrior postures. Our podBASICS class focuses on one type of foundation at a time, such as: hip openers, twists, back bends, and forward folds. These classes are done at a slower pace and with many instructor demonstrations and cues. This gives you a chance to practice and master poses so that you can move into them safely during faster flows.

podBASICS also teaches you how to use props effectively for safety and depth in your practice. We have blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps available and your yoga teacher can show you how to use each effectively.

Who should take podBASICS?

Beginner Yoga Students

podBASICS was designed primarily to introduce beginner yoga students to the practice and help them build a strong foundation. It can be really intimidating and counterproductive for new yoga students to jump right into an advanced class — they tend to move faster and assume that yoga students have at least a baseline of knowledge. Starting out with at least a few podBASICS classes to supplement your growing practice is strongly encouraged!

Advanced Yoga Students

Believe it or not, “beginner” yoga classes can sometimes be the hardest for more advanced yoga students. Taking a slower-paced class forces students to examine their habits on the mat and intentionally hold postures they might otherwise rush through. It never hurts, either, to get a reminder about proper alignment and muscle engagement in a pose. Maybe you will hear a new cue and it will shift the way you think about the pose entirely.

Try a Free Week!

Yoga Pod Boulder offers $30 For 30 Days of Yoga for all new yoga students, so you can try the different types of yoga classes on our schedule! In additional to podBASICS, we also offer podFLOW 1 and 2 (traditional vinyasa flows), podHOT, and YIN.

Sign up for 30 days of yoga today at Yoga Pod Boulder! We hope you give the podBASICS a try at Yoga Pod Boulder.

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