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The Benefits of Forearm Plank
Published 9/1/2017 in Yoga Pod
By Taylor Borman There is a good reason why Forearm Plank is incorporated in every Yoga Pod class -- it fires you up! Benefits One of the beautiful things about yoga is the opportunity to allow your body to discover. When choosing an ab exercise, you really can’t go wrong with Forearm Planks. They are a functional movement that trains the abs to support the spine in day-to-day activities. If you are looking for a pose that soothes the chaos, brings a greater sense of concentration, and pushes you to live your intentions off the mat, then Forearm Plank is just what you need. Let’s talk about the physical benefits of this pose. After all, a sustainable yoga practice should have a healthy balance of mindfulness and physical activity. Although it’s tough, when done correctly, the Forearm Plank strengthens the abs, legs and core. It is also good for stretching the arches of your feet as well as your calves, shoulders and hamstrings. Making this pose a regular part of your practice will pay off, as it is great for preparing the body for arm balances and inversions such as Dolphin Pose and Forearm Stand. Steps Start lying face down on the floor with your forearms flat on the ground. Make sure that your elbows are directly under the shoulders. Fire up the core and raise your body up off the ground. Engage your core and keep your body in a straight line- avoid letting your hips rise or drop. Breathe and... read more ❯

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