Changing Your Point of View

The elusive wheel pose, the seemingly impossible handstand, the gravity defying legs floating to the sky in the middle of yoga class. If I asked you about the biggest barrier to practicing [...]

Mindful Memorial Day Moments

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, so is the season of BBQs, vacations, lazy days, beach hair, festivals, baseball, concerts, fireworks, celebrations for Moms, Dads, and Grads. Within all of the [...]

How Trees Help Us Breathe

By Taylor Borman “Inhale. Exhale.” We hear these words in every yoga class. Connection to breath is an extraordinary thing. As we know, the breath controls our body, mind, and emotions. But where [...]

When Do You Practice Yoga?

By Taylor Borman Morning or night – which kind of yogi are you? No matter what time of day, yoga is beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. However, there may be certain times of the day that [...]

All You Need is Love: National Love Your Pet Day

“Is that…her footsteps? Do I hear keys? Is that the lock? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! She’s home! She’s finally home!” Love comes in many forms, but not all are as pure and unconditional as the love [...]

New Year, Same You, but Growing: Progress Over Perfection

January: It never fails. The gyms are full, and resolutions are on everyone’s mind. “This is my year,” you’ll often hear. “This time, I’m going to do it.” But by February, motivation is harder to [...]

The Benefits of Forearm Plank

By Taylor Borman There is a good reason why Forearm Plank is incorporated in every Yoga Pod class — it fires you up! Benefits One of the beautiful things about yoga is the opportunity to [...]

4 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

  4 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep By Taylor Borman If you are like me, sometimes falling asleep at night can be a challenge. Maybe you’re starting a new job, your family is visiting from out [...]

Yoga: The Perfect Support to Labor and Delivery

YOGA: THE PERFECT SUPPORT TO LABOR AND DELIVERY September 8, 2017 Bry Baldrige Kring Yoga is a practice that helps us to cultivate relationship with the language of sensation that is innate to [...]


  “Take a deep inhale breath…” How many times do yogis hear these words? Connection to mindful breath is a constant thread for yoga practitioners, but how many truly understand the [...]