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Our Studio Experience

Heated Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Fitness. With options for beginner yogis to advanced practitioners, our classes are designed to improve your skill sets and challenge you along the way. We want our students to achieve a greater sense of presence or the “flow state”. Through our Philosophy and Science our students will reduce stress, build strength, and increase flexibility.

Through breath, strength, and sweat, you will achieve the yoga experience you have been searching for. We offer podBASICS to build intentional foundation, podFLOW 1 to progress on your vinyasa path, and podFLOW 2 to increase challenge. Our podHOT class is guaranteed to deliver a detoxifying sweat and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. podFIT, taught to the beat and focused on strength, cardiovascular health and endurance training will set you up for success in your continued practice. Yin yoga is a lovely way to unwind your mind and melt away the stress from your days. We are passionate about growing the yoga community in Gainesville, and we can’t wait to welcome you to your mat!

Our Philosophy & Science

At Yoga Pod, we commit to help you build your physical skills, challenge your limits, and achieve a greater sense of presence. We root our philosophy in our mission, vision, values, and intention. We offer a physically challenging, yet sustainable, practice and utilize the science of flow states to achieve heightened levels of focus and attention.

All Yoga Pod classes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and will guide you to a greater state of health, well-being, and connection. Each class will help you increase your body awareness, flexibility, and strength, while you also decrease stress and provide a platform for personal growth.

The valuable lessons we learn from our yoga practice are often far beyond the physical insights we receive. Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your beautiful story with us! We are honored to walk alongside you in your yoga journey and are so thankful to you for being a part of our community. Read more about Kimberly’s story below. ❤️

"I’ve always been intrigued by yoga, but I was too scared to give it a try. I thought I wasn’t in good enough shape to do yoga, that everyone would judge me for being a beginner, and most of all I felt guilty that I was being selfish by spending time away from my family. With a push from my husband, I finally got up the courage to join Yoga Pod a few months ago and I can’t believe I waited so long. I had nothing to worry about; everyone is so supportive, kind, and welcoming. Mary knew my name by the second visit! What I have learned in my short time there (at Yoga Pod) is that I am enough, I am lovable, I am capable, and I am worthy. Charla helped me so much in accepting myself as I am; she taught me that it is ok to carve out time for yourself, and in fact it is extremely important for your mental health. I have learned to honor my body and meet it where it is at during each practice. Yoga has helped me with my anxiety, stress, self-confidence and overall has made me a much happier, calmer person. I have fallen in love with yoga and now I can’t imagine living without it." ❤️
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From the beginner to the advanced yogi, the basics of yoga are essential to any yoga practice.

Yoga Immersion classes are amazing go-to workshops available for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of yoga. In one hour, Yoga Immersion classes provide a classic introduction to yoga, perfect for all levels of yogis who are curious to expand their knowledge about fundamental yoga poses.

Yoga Immersion classes are provided at NO cost (yes, for FREE!) and are offered every Wednesday evening. It's just our way of sharing our love and knowledge of yoga with our community! ❤️
Sign up for tonight’s class at: and come get back to basics with us!
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Ready for a strong spine, better posture, and improved overall fitness? 💪
Then you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for next Saturday, August 13th at 1:00 p.m.! Our Posture, Spine Health and Myofascial Stretching Workshop will be co-led by Phillip Scruggs from Brazos Valley Barbell as well as Yoga Pod CS’s very own Breanna Brittain and will feature an introduction to ELDOA exercises and Myofascial stretching.

ELDOA and Myofascial stretching are specific techniques created by world-renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer Do. ELDOA exercises are postural self-normalizing techniques designed to widen the space within a chosen articulation or vertebrae. These postures create space within the discs of the spine, helping muscle spasms, bulging discs, herniations, as well as strengthening the surrounding muscles to prevent future injury.

Registration for this 90-minute workshop is $40 – sign up at: today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your spine, and incorporate mobility, recovery, and injury prevention into your daily life and wellness routine. ❤️ #yogacommunity #eldoa #fascia #posture @justgoingwiththebres @philbobagginsphd

This lady is the heart of Yoga Pod CS! 🥰If you haven’t met her, then it is time to come by the studio and take a PodFIT or PodHOT class with her. 🔥 In addition to bringing the heat in her classes, Kelli and her husband Cliff (@coachclifflatham), own Yoga Pod CS, which Cliff opened in 2014. Learn more about this beloved leader below and come sweat with her soon!

❤️ What is your favorite style of yoga? My favorite style of yoga is the one my mind and/or body needs in the moment, day, week, or season. If someone made me choose, it would probably be a PodFLOW 2 Heated. But that might not be what I NEED. 😉
❤️ What attracted you to yoga? My initial attraction was the significant improvement I found in running, after “learning how to breathe” and connecting my movement to my breath. It continues to give me an edge in all my fitness endeavors
❤️ Do you have a motto you live by? I have a couple of “Life Verses” that God had written on my heart years ago. One of them is, “But thanks be to God who always leads us in His triumph in Christ and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of HIM in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14 🙏
❤️ What other non-yoga fitness activities do you enjoy? Running and Crossfit! 💪
❤️ What do you enjoy doing outside of yoga/fitness? Nothing can beat spending time with my husband and children. Second on the list, is being outdoors. 🌞
❤️ What is the best advice/guidance you’ve been given? From who? “When you are feeling overwhelmed, Delegate, Automate, or Delete.” (D.A.D.) – Cliff Latham 😉 @coachclifflatham
❤️What is your favorite yoga pose and why? My favorite pose is Warrior 3 because it leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment and control. Once I think I am “there”, there are always subtle micro adjustments I can make, combined with my breath, to improve my posture, strengthen my core and challenge my balance.
❤️What is your favorite thing about Yoga Pod? My favorite thing about Yoga Pod is our amazing Yoga Pod family. The love, support, energy, and friendships permeate our Yoga Pod community and are priceless treasures. ✨
#yogacommunity #leadership @kelliglatham

Want to feel good AND do good this weekend? ❤️ Then come join us at our next Flow for a Cause this Friday (8/5) at 6:00 p.m! This FREE, all-levels yoga class will be led by our own Megan Jones and will benefit the Elizabeth House Maternity Home in Bryan/College Station.
The Elizabeth House Maternity Home is more than just a shelter. Mothers receive emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual support so that they have the necessary tools to move towards a better life for themselves and their children. In addition to providing safe, stable and supportive housing throughout pregnancy and up to six months after delivery, The Elizabeth House offers education on a variety of childcare and life skills — including financial planning— as well as housing navigation support, mentoring and tutoring, support for obtaining a GED or college credit and more. The hope and prayer is that each mother who leaves The Elizabeth House feels supported and has the life skills necessary to be a contributing member of the community.
Start your weekend off with the incredible feel-good combination of taking yoga and giving back. ❤️
Sign up at
We can’t wait to see you! 😊
#yoga #community #dogood @meganbus @elizabethhousematernityhome

Yes, Kani! It’s amazing how yoga is so different from and complimentary to other forms of fitness. Many of us find yoga to support our already active lifestyles. Read more about Kani’s yoga experience — and her upcoming journey — below! ❤️

“I have been part of the Yoga Pod family since 2018! It gives me great honor to be part of the upcoming Yoga Teacher Training with such an elite group of instructors who have already taught me so much. There is so much knowledge and growth to be had with continuing education and I can’t wait for the challenge!

Fitness has always been a part of my life, both as a student and as a teacher, but yoga has created a different strength, both physically and mentally, that I didn’t know existed. My goal is to embrace the challenge with grace and patience and open my mind and heart to all yoga has to offer!”

We are so honored to walk alongside you in this exciting next step of your yoga journey Kani! Thank you for being a part of the Yoga Pod community. ❤️

AND we are also thrilled to share that Kani will be teaching PodFIT Heated next Tuesday, August 2nd at 7:00 p.m. Sign up at and come work out with this awesome gal! 😊
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Ready to try (or already love) Yoga Pod but not about to commit to a 10-class pass just yet? Or want to gift your bestie or family member a little yoga/fitness love? 💪❤️ Our Five-Class passes are here and they cover ALL the bases!

Five-Class passes ($105) stay active for up to a year from purchase, and include our yoga classes, PodFIT, PodBARRE, Yoga Immersion and more! They are the perfect option to try different classes on your own schedule, or to gift your fitness-minded friends and family members. ❤️
Get your pass today at:
We can't wait to see you!🥰

Perhaps you’ve already taken a class with this beauty, or maybe you’ve enjoyed her sweet smile greeting you at the front desk! Learn more about Tali below, and then come meet her in-person at tonight’s Flow for a Cause for the Aggieland Humane Society! 🐾❤️
❤️ What attracted you to yoga? The accessibility; I had a major knee injury and found yoga as a way to rehabilitate and be active in a way that wasn’t high stress on my joints.
❤️ What is your favorite style of yoga? All styles are my favorite! Keeping a balance of yin and yang styles of yoga is very important to me. ☯
❤️ Do you have a motto you live by? To show love towards others like God shows His love for me.
❤️ What other non-yoga fitness activities do you enjoy? I enjoy spin/cycling and rock climbing.
❤️ What do you enjoy doing outside of yoga/fitness? Watching movies and hanging out with my four cats and two dogs. 🐱🐶
❤️ What is the best advice/guidance you’ve been given? From who? From a student- athlete of mine: You don’t have to know everything, nobody does. As long as you’re confident, everything will be okay.
❤️Is there a pose you used to dislike and are growing to like or even have learned to love? Wheel! I didn’t have much flexibility at the start to do back bends but since practicing it consistently as my peak pose in (Yoga Pod’s) yoga teacher training I have grown to really love the pose.
Come hang out with Tali (and kittens!) at our Flow for a Cause tonight! 😺
Sign up at: Arrive at 5:30 to get kitten snuggles in first 😉 @tali_grant @aggielandhumane #yogagirl #yogacommunity


Yoga Immersion

Ideal for: Beginner Yogis

This is a great go-to workshop for anyone who wants to learn the basics of yoga. This one-hour workshop is an introduction to yoga, perfect for all beginners or those who want to learn something new about the fundamental poses in yoga.

podFLOW 1

Ideal for: All Yogis

Embody the true spirit of breath-synchronized movement set to music in podFLOW 1. Begin with warm up through Sun Salutations and progress through sequences that build strength and flexibility. All classes focus on proper alignment and safety, with added challenges from our podBASICS series. Classes are set to 85 degrees and no added humidity.

podFLOW 2

Ideal for: Intermediate and Advanced Yogis

podFLOW 2 classes are dynamic and accessible, set to music, and offer more challenging postures, physicality, and variations. Teachers bring their own creative elements for diverse and inspiring classes. Expect intelligent sequencing progressions, a detoxifying sweat, a physically challenging practice, and an opportunity to melt away the stress from your day. podFLOW 2 classes are your home for amazing heated power vinyasa set to 95 degrees with 40% humidity.


Ideal for: All Yogis

podHOT utilizes a set sequence of postures practiced in a room set to 105 degrees and 60% humidity. The class is designed to build strength, create balance and flexibility in the body, and produce a detoxifying sweat. Class includes breathing exercises, a standing series, and a floor series. Hot yoga is set to music and is suitable for all levels. Come well hydrated and bring a towel.


Ideal for: All Fitness Gurus

podFIT is your full body fitness practice. Get ready for an active, full body warm-up designed to engage your entire body. Expect resistance training, body weight movements, and cardio exercises to accelerate change, build strength, and increase core stability. The class finishes with gentle stretching and a light cool down. This fun and vibrant class is taught to the beat of high-energy music designed to provide balance to your yoga practice.


Ideal for: All Yogis

YIN yoga increases joint mobility and improves flexibility by applying moderate stress to the body’s connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia). Expect to hold each posture passively for 2-5 minutes, supported with props and blankets. YIN classes are set to relaxing music and suitable for all levels. Rest, restore, and relax.


Ideal for: All Yogis

This class is a good complement to traditional yoga practice that focuses on core stability and embodied confidence. The class is set with high-energy music as students move through a targeted sequence that lengthens, sculpts, and creates lean muscles.


Ideal for: All Yogis

Need a break from the daily grind to restore your body and mind? Venture into “yogic sleep” during this Restorative class, where your mind calms down through a series of poses on the floor. Your mind will rest between being awake and being asleep, so you can then be fully present wherever your life may take you after class.

Yoga Pod College Station
Yoga Pod College Station

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