$30 for 30 Days!

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All of the reasons why you should become a member now that your 30 days for $30 dollars has ended.


So your 30 days for $30 dollars is coming to an end, you’ve dipped your toes into the studio to see what it’s like and now it’s time to quit or commit, but even though the choice seems clear you are still feeling a little apprehensive.


Think back on the past 30 days, you’ve already begun making Yoga Pod a part of your routine, and it’s now becoming a habit. Now’s the time to commit to your health and mind. You are already starting to see a difference in your flexibility and strength. You’ve figured out what classes fit with your schedule and you’ve begun developing a rapport with teachers that resonate.


You’ve become part of a community. You’ve found a place where like-minded people go. Now is the time to delve deeper, ask your favorite teacher questions. What is it about the way they teach that you really like? Maybe there is something to explore there?


You’ve seen change in your body already; your balance has improved and so has your strength. And you may have even found ways to deepen poses that you weren’t aware of before!


We’re heading into the colder months, and there is nothing like the warmth of the studio and a practice that makes you feel light.


But most importantly, you know that every time you come to Yoga Pod, that is an hour (or more) that you take a much-needed break from your cell phone, from your work email; you take an hour for yourself… you move, you breathe (sometimes you may have even found it is the only time you intentionally connect to your breath)! You’ve discovered the gift that presence is. And lastly, you’ve seen the benefits of how when you take time just for yourself you are able to show up more fully for everyone and everything in your life.


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