Free Father’s Day Class

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HotVIN For Him – Free Father’s Day Class At Yoga Pod Dallas!

We are excited to roll out our new Summer Schedule beginning on Father’s Day! In fact, we even have several new class formats to share with Big D! Join us on Sunday, June 17th at 10:30 am for this FREE yoga class for fathers and stick around to get 20% off on one retail item!! Class starts at 10:45 am so be sure to arrive early to save your spot in the first HotVIN class in our studio!!

HotVIN Fusion: This signature Yoga Pod class blends elements of a PodHot and vinyasa flow class. Accompanied by music, this is a set intelligent sequence of postures designed to build slowly, open the body safely and strengthen from head to toe.

The room is heated to 95-98 degrees with added humidity to promote deep stretching, mental focus and a detoxifying sweat. Designed for all levels, this yoga class also offers advanced variations for students who want to up-level their practice. A towel is a must and water is recommended. Please come to class well hydrated.

Sign up here for the free class!

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