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We are kicking it up this summer with new class formats!  We still have the HOTTEST Classes in town (no lie, 105 degrees and 60% humidity), but if Hot isn’t your style, we also have non-heated options as well including BASICS, Flow 1 and 2, and YIN!!  Fit, Barre, and Zumba just add to the variety!  We have also added two new formats to our Summer lineup!!  Introducing to Big D, the podGENTLE and Yoga Pod HotVIN Fusion formats!!

PodGENTLE: This is a great class for beginners to more seasoned practitioners, as well as seniors, those with limited mobility due to injury, prenatal/postnatal and students seeking greater ease, flexibility, and concentration in their every day activities (students must be able to get on and off the floor).

Class moves at a slow, meditative pace and includes basic breathing exercises, a variety of foundational postures (standing and floor poses), utilizes props such as blocks, bolsters and straps and includes a guided meditation at the end of class. Classes are 60 minutes in a temperate room, with no added heat.

HotVIN Fusion: This signature Yoga Pod class blends elements of a PodHot and vinyasa flow class. Accompanied by music, this is a set intelligent sequence of postures designed to build slowly, open the body safely and strengthen from head to toe.

The room is heated to 95-98 degrees with added humidity to promote deep stretching, mental focus and a detoxifying sweat. Designed for all levels, this class also offers advanced variations for students who want to up-level their practice. A towel is a must and water is recommended. Please come to class well hydrated.

From June 17th to 24th, any member who brings a friend to any of our many HotVIN and podGENTLE offerings can enter in for a raffle for Yoga Pod SWAG.  If your friend signs up for the $30 for 30 Days Intro Offer, you can enter the raffle twice!  We will be raffling off a month of FREE yoga as well as either a Yoga Pod Tank top or T-Shirt of your choosing!

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