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Given the climate of Dallas, the idea of taking a hot yoga class might seem insane. Why would you readily exercise in a class set to 105 degrees and 60 percent humidity when it is probably that hot outside?

There’s a method behind the madness though, and there’s a reason that people swear by hot yoga.

Hot yoga classes might take a bit of getting used to at first, so Yoga Pod Dallas compiled these tips to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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1. Remember The Benefits of Hot Yoga

It’s much easier to commit to something when you know it’ll make you feel better. For those low-energy days where you don’t feel like doing hot yoga, think back to how good you felt after your last class.

Hot yoga (or bikram, as you might hear it referred) might be the most beneficial yoga practice in terms of holistic health. Because hot yoga classes encourage you to sweat, you end up detoxifying and strengthening your body.

Every hot yoga class sequence follows the same set of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. In fact, Bikram Choudhury, the founder of bikram yoga, designed this series as an “introduction to yoga” sequence for beginner students. He carefully organized the sequence to be a complete, balanced practice.

You’ll engage in postures that focus on strengthening, balancing, twisting (detoxifying), and cooling down. Thanks to this thoughtful sequence, you’re almost guaranteed to leave class with a more balanced parasympathetic nervous system (the process that controls fight-or-flight stress responses).

Even if you’ve taken a podFLOW or power vinyasa class before, there’s truly something irreplicable about hot yoga classes.

2. Come Hydrated

For students who are new to yoga, the biggest barrier is usually hydration. It takes a few classes to get used to exercising in a heated room, but you’re much more likely to get light-headed if you aren’t properly hydrated with water and electrolytes.

It’s not just about hydration during and after class. You want to make sure you hydrate throughout the day. If you tend to get low blood pressure or light-headed as you exercises, consider drinking coconut water or a similar beverage that will also replenish your vital electrolytes.

3. Don’t Wipe Your Sweat

Unless your dripping sweat is about to penetrate a contact lens, try not to wipe it. Our bodies produce sweat as a cooling mechanism. When we wipe away our sweat, we actually require our body to work harder to produce additional sweat. As a result, we get even hotter!

We do recommend having a towel for your yoga mat, though, as you don’t want to worry about slipping throughout class. If you know you’re prone to sweat, you can also have a hand towel to wipe away your area or mat throughout class.

4. Don’t Give Up After One Class

You’ll have to trust us on this piece of advice, especially if you didn’t love your first hot yoga class. The breathing sequences, asanas (postures), and heated room take some getting used to. Even the most experienced and dedicated bikram practitioners have days where they’re just not feeling it — they’re in a hotter part of the room, they haven’t had enough water, and they just need to take child’s pose.

Trust the process and know that you’ll get into a hot yoga rhythm after a few classes.

5. Talk To Your Teacher About How Class Felt

We recommend chatting with your teacher after class to let them know how you felt! If you got a bit dizzy during a certain pose, such as camel, they might have a modification you can take for the next time. Similarly, if you weren’t sure that you were doing a posture correctly, they can give you feedback and assuage your worries!

Hot Yoga at Yoga Pod Dallas

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