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Heated Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Fitness. With options for beginner yogis to advanced practitioners, our classes are designed to improve your skill sets and challenge you along the way. We want our students to achieve a greater sense of presence or the “flow state”. Through our Philosophy and Science our students will reduce stress, build strength, and increase flexibility.

Through breath, strength, and sweat, you will achieve the yoga experience you have been searching for. We offer podBASICS to build intentional foundation, podFLOW 1 to progress on your vinyasa path, and podFLOW 2 to increase challenge. Our podHOT class is guaranteed to deliver a detoxifying sweat and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. podFIT, taught to the beat and focused on strength, cardiovascular health and endurance training will set you up for success in your continued practice. Yin yoga is a lovely way to unwind your mind and melt away the stress from your days. We are passionate about growing the yoga community in Lakewood, and we can’t wait to welcome you to your mat!

Our Philosophy & Science

At Yoga Pod, we commit to help you build your physical skills, challenge your limits, and achieve a greater sense of presence. We root our philosophy in our mission, vision, values, and intention. We offer a physically challenging, yet sustainable, practice and utilize the science of flow states to achieve heightened levels of focus and attention.

All Yoga Pod classes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and will guide you to a greater state of health, well-being, and connection. Each class will help you increase your body awareness, flexibility, and strength, while you also decrease stress and provide a platform for personal growth.

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✨R&R with Randy Schneider ✨
Explore the yin and yang of your practice with this series.
Join us for all of the classes on Saturdays and/or Sundays, or pick and choose which fits best. We hope to see you there!

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🔥60 Hour podHot Teacher Training🔥
Featuring: Jenn Brock, Jenn Chen and Lindsay Menough
We're bringing the heat in 2022! Join us for this this 60-hour certification where you will gain a deeper knowledge of the subtle energies that make Hot Yoga a life-changer, while also learning how to guide the 26 asana of our hot practice. 
January 8th - 30th
Saturdays & Sundays| 10:30am - 6:30pm
* $950 Investment
* 15% Discount for Prema Members & Karma Yogis

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🙏🏼 We’re Thankful for YOU!

✨ Important Schedule Updates✨

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 7:30am podFIT with Steph P.
Wednesdays - podFLOW 2 & 3 moves permanently to 5:30pm

🦃 Thanksgiving Day - Donation Based Classes 🦃
Start Thanksgiving Day with a purpose! We're offering two donation-based classes on Thanksgiving Day.

Thursday, November 25th
9:00am - 10:30am podHOT with Lindsay Menough - dontations will benefit The Phoenix National Sober Active community

9:30am - 10:45am podFLOW with Adriana Medico - donations will benefit local Food Banks

💕Thank you for making every day meaningful, YPDW Family. 💕

The Winner of Saving our Butts in a Fit Class goes to @keri3kos CLASS IS ON!!! 💪🏽🔥✨❤️🙌🏼. Now go #gettowork

Pod Fit 4:30pm Today!

✨Join Us For A 14-Day Conscious Cleanse✨
Starting January 3rd
Sign up at the front desk or call YPDW today!
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✨New Workshop: Yoga & Grief✨

This 3 hour workshop is designed to explore the effects of grief on the mind, body and spirit. We will explore the 5 Koshas, or energy bodies, and discuss how a mindful practice like yoga can help navigate loss while creating an inner resilience. We will start with a one hour hatha class and then discuss the ways to use body and breath as a tool to support you through the emotional roller coaster that comes with loss. There is no experience too big or too small for this workshop so grab your yoga mat and your notebook and come as you are.
Date: June 19th
Time: 4 - 7pm
Cost: $50
15% off for all Prema members, YP teachers and Karma Yogis!
Sign up today online or call the studio!



Virtual Studio


Yoga Pod Denver West

At yoga pod Denver West, we provide a welcoming, all-encompassing environment for yoga practitioners of all types. With more than 60 classes to choose from each and every week, you’ll find a time that works for you to fit in your practice.

podFLOW 1

Ideal for: All Yogis

The podFLOW 1 practice is designed to bring the true spirit of vinyasa yoga, including proper alignment and safety, to the forefront. This class is designed to synchronize your breath with your movements while also utilizing progressive sequences to build strength and improve flexibility. podFLOW 1 classes are physically challenging, yet suitable for all levels, and are performed in a room set to 80 degrees with no humidity.

podFLOW 2

Ideal for: Intermediate and Advanced Yogis

With podFLOW 2, you’ll see just what we mean by breath, strength, and sweat. Set to music with dynamic and more challenging posture sequences, this class is only for those who have achieved perfection in podFLOW 1 and are looking for an added inspiration. Each teacher brings their own unique element to podFLOW 2. Also available as a podFLOW 2 Heated class


Ideal for: All Yogis
If you want an intense workout, podBARRE is the yoga class type for you. During podBARRE classes, we focus on sculpting, lengthening, and creating lean muscle groups, especially focusing on the core, arms, and thighs. Try out this high-energy and powerful workout today to build strength for your yoga practice.

Tip for podBARRE: Keep an open mind during this class, as it definitely isn’t your traditional vinyasa flow yoga class. Be prepared to sweat, work out, and wake up sore the next day. A mat is needed for this class; they are available to rent for just $2 for non-members and $1 for members.


Ideal for: All Yogis

The benefits of hot yoga include detoxification and a rewarding, strength-building sweat. podHOT classes are practiced in a room set to 105 degrees with 60 percent humidity in order to build strength, create balance, improve flexibility, and promote a detoxifying sweat. With breathing exercises, standing series, and floor series, this 60-75 minute class is suitable for all levels. Remember to hydrate, bring a towel, and water.


Ideal for: All Fitness Gurus

With physical fitness being part of our core principles, our Denver West yoga studio finds that podFIT aligns perfectly with our mission. Starting with a full body warm-up, students will progress through a full body workout designed to improve strength throughout their core and all major muscle groups. Students can expect a challenge with resistance training, bodyweight and cardio exercises, and more — all with a high-energy music soundtrack.

Image of four women stretching in a yoga studio.


Ideal for: All Yogis

By applying moderate stress to the body’s connective tissues for two to five minutes at a time, along with support from props and blankets, YIN yoga classes are designed to increase joint mobility and overall flexibility. Yogis of all levels will enjoy YIN in a dimly lit room with soft music throughout each class.

Sweat. Heat. Beatz.

Ideal for: All Yogis

Do you have the flow, love music, and love to have fun? We love the flow, the music, and the fun in yoga, it’s what makes the movements come alive. One way we encourage students to feel the flow is through Sweat. Heat. Beatz. It’s a class that focuses more on flowing through the poses yet to decidedly “unyogic” music. Other classes help perfect alignment, but Sweat. Heat. Beatz. brings together all levels in a room where people can move to their own beat. We pump the heat and the music, take it back a notch on the cues and the verbiage, and let students zone in on their own meditative flow through the class.


Ideal for: Intermediate and Advanced Yogis

Level 3 classes are for those looking to take their yoga practice further with a demanding practice that includes advanced postures, detailed alignment principles and yoga philosophy. Expect firm, direct instruction as you move through breath synchronized movements. This class will start off slow before moving into a more intentional and individual experience.You must be comfortable with the use of props as well as hands-on adjustments. And last, but not least, you must bring an attitude of curiosity and compassion. The class is gently heated to 90 degrees with no added humidity.

Yoga Pod Denver West
Yoga Pod Denver West


Monday - Thursday6:00 AM — 9:00 PM
Friday6:00 AM — 7:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday9:00 AM — 6:30 PM