What Can You Get For $30? One Month Of Life-Changing Yoga

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What can you get for $30?

If you’re making a trip to the movie theatre, you can get about two tickets (or one ticket, a soda, and a popcorn — make it a small). If you’re heading to downtown Denver, you can probably park your car for about 12 hours — if you’re lucky. Or, you can swing by one of the great Denver breweries and get about six beers for you and your crew.

The fact of the matter is, $30 can disappear fairly quickly in this day and age. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use that $30 to better yourself for the long haul?

Now there is. Introducing $30 for 30 days at Yoga Pod Denver West.

This deal is perfect for those who are new to the Yoga Pod experience and want to try it out for themselves. With our $30 for 30 days promotion, you get to choose from any one of our 70-plus weekly yoga classes at our Golden yoga studio for just $1 per day — a fraction of what you pay for your daily coffee fix — and experience the many life-altering benefits of yoga.

Ready to get started? We thought so. Keep reading to learn more about our $30 for 30 days promotion and start your journey today at Yoga Pod Denver West.

Who Can Join?

The $30 for 30 days of yoga promo is the perfect fit for those who are new to the Denver West/Golden area, those who are new to Yoga Pod, or those who are new to yoga in general.

Yoga Pod Denver West aims to create a welcoming environment for yogis of all ages, walks of life, and experience levels, and this hot (literally) yoga deal allows us to reach out to those who have been teetering back and forth about whether or not to join a yoga studio of their own.

What Is $30 For 30?

The deal gets you exactly what it sounds like. For just $30 — the cost of two yoga mats for you and a friend — you get access to more than 70 weekly yoga classes at our state-of-the-art yoga studio.

This incredible offer allows you to try a wide range of yoga classes, from podFLOW to podFIT, podBASICS to podHOT, and everything in between.

Learn more about our Golden yoga classes here and find one (or two, or three, or 30!) that sounds right for you.

Why Should I Join?

Why should you take advantage of this wonderful yoga deal? It’s a no brainer, really.

You get the opportunity to join a welcoming community, cultivate a practice that is right for your mind and body, and learn how to improve flexibility, build strength, and manage stress.

If that’s not enough, think of it this way — it’s only $30 to get started! To put that in perspective, here are some price comparisons:

  • $22: A single, drop-in yoga class.
  • $180: A 10-class pass.
  • $119: The regular price of a monthly membership.
  • $101: Average price of a single Denver Broncos ticket.
  • $65: Monthly amount spent by the average American at a nationally recognized coffee chain.
  • $30: One month of yoga classes at Yoga Pod Denver West.

Sound like a deal? It really is. Join the Pod for just $30 today and experience the power of unlimited yoga for 30 days.

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