How and Why to Make Yoga Your New Year’s Goal

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New Year, new you. That’s how the saying goes, right? Setting your goals and mapping out your new year may be easy enough, but it’s important to “do it right.” By doing so, you’ll ensure it’s a long-lasting habit instead of a temporary habit that breaks down within a few weeks. 

On today’s blog, we’re going to fill you in on how to ensure it’s a goal that will last and exactly how yoga will help you in 2020. If you’re interested in beginner yoga in the Golden area, then you’ve found it in Yoga Pod Denver West. We’re conveniently nestled near I-70/HWY 6. Make 2020 the year you commit to your practice by visiting us today for beginner yoga! Check out our schedule to get started.

Enlist Help

If you’re trying to make it to hot yoga right after work but you have a big to-do list ahead of you, it’s likely you might choose your tasks instead of precious yoga time for yourself. If you’re committed to meeting a friend, coworker, or classmate there, however, then it’s much more likely you’ll show up! When you have a goal that will require effort, simply ask friends and family to help you reach it and keep you accountable.

Look at Your Schedule

If you’re in love with a yoga studio across town but you can never make it to its yoga classes because of your schedule, then it’s simply not going to work. We’d obviously love to have you join or visit Yoga Pod Denver West, but we also understand when it’s necessary to stick to an online yoga program. Find a system that works for you and your schedule so you can succeed.

Make It Realistic

Finally, make it a realistic goal. If you’re just getting started with beginner yoga, then attending yoga classes five times per week may be too much all at once. Instead, choose a number of classes that’s realistic and attainable — and then increase that number when you feel ready! Or maybe your goal is to do a handstand or the splits; break this down into smaller, more realistic goals so you can track your progress.

How Yoga Will Help You in 2020

Both beginner yoga and advanced yoga have plenty of benefits because, well, it’s all yoga! Check out 7 Benefits of Hot Yoga and Three Key Benefits of Yoga for more information.

  • Overall health: Everything from lower blood pressure to improved heart health and strength is possible.
  • Flexibility: While yoga isn’t just for flexibility as many people think, it certainly will improve your flexibility with time!
  • Mindfulness: Do you want to decrease stress and clear out mind monkeys? Yoga classes are for you.

Looking for Beginner Yoga? Visit Us Today

Yoga classes for beginners are more accessible, enlightening, and fun than ever before with Yoga Pod Denver West. Check out 8 Yoga Terms and Poses for the New Yogi today and visit us in Golden to get started with beginner yoga in the new year! 

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