5 Things to Know Before Your First Hot Yoga Class

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The sweat is dripping down the side of your face, you regret your full-length yoga pants, you’re already soooo thirsty — and it’s only five minutes into your hot yoga class! Hot yoga classes are great for your mind and body, but there’s no denying that they can be a challenge for even the most advanced yogis. 

Here at Yoga Pod Denver West, we want everyone to feel like yoga is accessible. At our yoga studio, nestled near I-70/HWY 6, you’ll find there’s always room for you and your yoga mat. If you’re a beginning yogi or you’ve simply never tried hot yoga before, then keep reading so you can be prepared for your visit to our hot yoga studio. We can’t wait to see you, so check out our yoga schedule and visit us today!

You’ll sweat. A lot.

You may have gotten used to higher temps over the summer here in Colorado, but now that autumn has fallen upon Golden, you may be surprised at just how hot a hot yoga studio can get. During podHOT, the room will be set to 105 degrees with 60 percent humidity … so get ready to sweat.

Hydrate and monitor your food intake.

You can bet you’re going to want some water during hot yoga. Make sure you hydrate all day leading up to your hot yoga class, and don’t be afraid to drink water and even go into child’s pose during your practice. During hot yoga, it’s also important you go on an empty stomach, so don’t eat for two hours before class if possible. You’ll want to step up your hydration game after class, too, since you usually sweat out much more than you’ve taken in during the day.

Bring the essentials.

Most people think lululemon pants and a yoga mat are all they need for yoga. While this may be a good start for a typical yoga class, you’ll need to plan differently for hot yoga. Bring a water bottle and two towels, one for your face and one for your mat to prevent slipping. You’ll also want to wear minimal clothing; many women choose shorts and a tank top or bra and many men wear shorts and a tank top or no shirt.

It’ll be hard.

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: hot yoga is hard. It’s a challenge. However, hot yoga classes at our yoga studio in Golden are inviting and welcoming — and our knowledgeable instructors are always willing to offer modifications when needed.


It’ll be difficult. But so what? You’re strong, and there’s never any change or growth without a challenge. If you commit to your yoga practice and commit to your mat, then you’ll be able to make it through hot yoga (but not without breaking a sweat). 

Try Hot Yoga Today at Yoga Pod Denver West

Our yoga studio is conveniently located in Golden, nestled near I-70/HWY 6. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth hot yoga class, we’d be glad to see you at Yoga Pod Denver West. Check out our schedule today and then visit us for a hot yoga class soon!

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