7 Benefits of Hot Yoga

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Most people know working out or practicing yoga is good for them, right? So is it really necessary to up the ante with hot yoga? Here at Yoga Pod Denver West, we’re all about hot yoga! It’s a wonderful workout, helps you detoxify, and it clears your mind — what’s not to love? 

While hot yoga may not be for everyone, we firmly believe everyone who practices yoga should give it a try. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about seven benefits of hot yoga. Keep reading to learn more, and make sure to check out some of our other yoga posts while you’re here:

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Decreased Risk of Injury

Hot yoga at our yoga studio is done in a room with 60 percent humidity set to 105 degrees. Pretty hot, right? This increased heat will lead to you being more flexible and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Decreased Stress

Hot yoga boosts mood and promotes mindfulness. While yoga does this too, the increased challenge of hot yoga helps you to focus more and stay present, which will ultimately decrease stress more efficiently.

Improved Heart Health

Prolonged periods of time in heated environments (such as a sauna or hot yoga studio) can reduce risk of hypertension, or high blood pressure. Hypertension is associated with heart disease, so putting in your time on a yoga mat during hot yoga could help!

Improved Immune System

When you exercise in a hot environment, you’ll actually improve your immune system and elevate your body’s ability to regenerate. All of this adds up to less sickness for you — which is especially important as we move into winter.

Increased Challenge

Hot yoga is an intense full-body workout, meaning it’ll be a challenge even if you are in good shape. But who doesn’t love a challenge? Because of the difficulty of hot yoga, you’ll commit to your practice more and build some serious strength.

Increased Detoxification

Sweating detoxifies your body from that late-night treat or that extra stress you’re carrying around; and there’s nothing that makes you sweat quite like hot yoga does! The hot environment will increase our internal and skin temperatures, all while you’re working out and building heat on top of it.

Increased Flexibility

Finally, you can expect to see increased flexibility from hot yoga. The heat will help your muscles to expand and contract further so you can reach your flexibility goals without the risk of injury (just be careful not to over-stretch!).

Try Hot Yoga Today in Golden

Immediately looking for “hot yoga near me” is a normal response to learning about all of these benefits! Check out our yoga schedule and visit Yoga Pod Denver West today for hot yoga classes that will have you breaking a sweat.

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