Baby, It’s Hot Inside (Join Us for Hot Yoga!)

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Baby, it’s cold outside — and Yoga Pod Denver West is here to keep you toasty and warm with hot yoga. If you just can’t seem to get warm enough this holiday season, then you’re not alone. Temperatures in the Golden area are cold as can be — but they’re warm as can be during podHOT, our hot yoga class that’s ideal no matter your experience level. 

The benefits of yoga are immense, and they just get even greater with hot yoga classes. Keep reading to learn more about hot yoga and why to try it out during this cold holiday season, and then check out our class schedule. If you’re interested in buying a class, membership, or gift card before Christmas next week, then don’t hesitate! Read more in Give the Gift of a Yoga Studio Membership This Christmas and buy a gift card today.

Decrease Stress

The holiday season is full of hot cocoa, presents, friends, festive lights, and so much more that brings joy; however, it can also be full of stress due to finances, family or work events, and more. If you’re feeling the stress this holiday season, then hot yoga could help! It will boost your mood and promote mindfulness, and the heat helps you to stay present and focused.

Help Your Immune System

Does it seem like coworkers or friends are dropping like flies from the cold, flu, or any other seasonal bug? Keep your immune system strong this month with hot yoga classes! Working out in a hot environment will improve your immune system and your body’s regenerative abilities. And hot yoga is about as hot as it gets for working out — we keep our room for hot yoga set to 105 degrees with 60 percent humidity.

Improve Flexibility

Improving flexibility seems to be a year-round goal for many people, so maybe this can help you get a head start on your New Year’s goals. The heat during hot yoga helps your muscles expand and contract further, meaning you can reach your flexibility goals with a decreased risk of injury. Whether it’s hot yoga for beginners or you’re more advanced, though, beware of overstretching.

Turn Up the Heat

Finally, hot yoga provides an opportunity for you to escape the cold outside and truly warm up your body. If putting on a scarf, hat, and gloves isn’t quite doing it for you, then hot yoga at our yoga studio certainly will. Better yet? You can take that heat with you as you leave Yoga Pod Denver West.

Visit Yoga Pod Denver West for Hot Yoga Today

You can stop searching for “hot yoga near me.” You’ve found the yoga studio you’re looking for in Yoga Pod Denver West. Check out 5 Things to Know Before Your First Hot Yoga Class and 7 Benefits of Hot Yoga to learn more. Browse our yoga class schedule today to find a time in your schedule that’s just right for hot yoga! Our yoga studio is conveniently nestled near I-70/HWY 6.

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