Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga 101

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Thanks to stock photos and media coverage, we tend to only see one type of yogi practicing: fit, 20-somethings who wear size 00 Lululemon pants.

The thing about yoga in reality, however, is that it can benefit anyone — especially prenatal and postnatal mothers!

While yoga can be practiced safely throughout pregnancy, it’s important to take proper modifications as you practice. This is one of the reasons why Yoga Pod Denver West is launching our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes!

Surround yourself with a community of mothers and mothers-to-be and benefit from the practice of yoga!

Here’s what you can expect from prenatal and postnatal yoga classes at our yoga studio in Golden.

A Focus On Breathing

Learning to breathe mindfully is one of the best things you can do to prepare your body and mind for pregnancy and labor.

In prenatal yoga classes, you’ll focus on long, deep belly breaths that move from the base of your stomach all the way up to your throat. By learning to maximize inhales and control exhales, you teach your body to relax and you manage the shortness of breath that can occur during pregnancy.

Plus, when you’re in labor, the ability to manage your breath can greatly help during painful contractors.

Easy Stretching

If stiffness, soreness, and restricted mobility aren’t synonymous with pregnancy, we don’t know what is. During prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, you’ll move through easy, gentle stretches that work the parts of your body that get the most stuck during pregnancy.

Expect to stretch your neck and arms, moving them through their ranges of motion.

Meditation And Relaxation

As you know, hormonal fluctuations and the reality of a pregnant belly make it much harder to get comfortable and to sleep during the night. That’s why these speciality yoga classes emphasize relaxation and cool down as much as dynamic postures.

Throughout class and especially toward the end of class, you’ll cool down, focus on your own breathing, be aware of sensations, and generate a sense of inner calm. Your yoga teacher might give you a mantra to help you focus, or lead you through a guided meditation. This sort of mindfulness can really help you to understand and appreciate your changing body.

A Cooler Room

The type of yoga you practice during pregnancy depends entirely on your doctor’s recommendations, your comfort level, and your experience with yoga. In general, though, doctors discourage practicing yoga in hot rooms. Bikram yoga (podHOT) is generally out of the question, and even podFLOW 1 and podFLOW 2 classes might be too hot.

At Yoga Pod Denver West, our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are set to a moderate, comfortable temperature so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

Prenatal Yoga Classes At Our Yoga Studio

Starting in January 2019, Yoga Pod Denver West will offer prenatal and postnatal yoga classes instructed by Wolf Terry.

These classes are an incredible way to join a community, practice self-care during pregnancy, and stick to a yoga routine.

Join our yoga studio for just $30 for the first month of membership!

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