Tips For Making Your 21/31 Challenge A Success

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This January, Yoga Pod Denver West is holding a 21/31 class challenge. The concept is simple: take 21 classes at Yoga Pod Denver West during the 31 days of January.

If you complete the challenge, you’re entered to win some great prizes — including yoga studio membership deals!

It can be easier said than done to attend this many yoga classes, so we want to offer a few tried-and-true tips for 21/31.

To register for the challenge, just stop by Yoga Pod Denver West and let us know you’re in for the 21/31 challenge! We’ll get you set up with your punch card, and you’ll be on your way to a month of fantastic yoga.

1. Plan It Out

Like any goal, it helps to have a specific and measurable plan to make sure you attend 21 classes in January.

On whatever calendar you use, write down a preliminary schedule of the yoga classes you’ll take. Be as specific as possible, making sure to write down the class type, teacher, and time on your calendar. This way, you can also make up for days you might miss if you have prior engagements.

Yoga isn’t meant to be stressful, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t follow your drafted schedule to a tee. Instead, just use it as a malleable plan. This way, you won’t have that nagging voice in your head that asks, “when will you go to yoga this week?” Thanks to your schedule, you’ll already know.

2. Tell People About The Challenge

Whether you tell your wife or your favorite Yoga Pod teacher, just make sure to tell someone that you’re participating in a yoga studio challenge. This way, you’re more likely to have accountability — not just to yourself, but also to someone who cares about your wellbeing!

Better yet, get your best yogi friends to join the challenge with you. You can drag each other to yoga on days where you feel like doing anything else, and you’ll have a built-in support system.

3. Try Different Types Of Yoga Classes

Joining a 21-class challenge is an excellent opportunity to expand your class repertoire. Whether you just want a change of pace from the typical podFLOW 2 classes you take or you need an extra yoga class that week, the entire Yoga Pod Denver West schedule is at your disposal.

If you’re feeling the burn from taking four podFLOWs in a week, consider slowing it down with a YIN class! Check out the schedule to see if there’s a different class to try.

Experience The Benefits Of Yoga At Our Studio

If you’ve never tried a 21-day challenge, you’re in for a treat. All yoga is incredibly beneficial, but there’s as beneficial as a consistent practice. See the difference that routine yoga makes in your life — and be in the running for great prizes!

Register for our 21/31 challenge today at Yoga Pod Denver West! If you’ve never tried our studio before, you can sign up for $30 For 30 Days to get unlimited yoga for just $1 per day.

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