By Cheryl Hansen Who doesn’t love a good transformation story? All it took Sandy to make her point in “Grease” was a tight pair of leather pants. Vivian rocked Rodeo Drive to become a “Pretty [...]


Vinyasa Yoga Explained

One of the aspects of our yoga studio that sets us apart is that we truly welcome and support yoga students of all levels. For seasoned yoga practitioners, Yoga Pod Fort Collins can be a place of [...]


The Benefits of Yoga: Spinal Health

Because yoga has so many proven benefits, it is helpful to break them down by category. Our blog has already covered the benefits of regular yoga classes, how yoga classes support mental and [...]


Chakras 101: Deepening Your Yoga Practice

The more yoga classes you attend, the more you might hear about the concept of chakras (pronounced chalk-ruhs). Perhaps at the beginning of a podFLOW or podHOT class, your instructor sets an [...]


The Convenience Of Yoga Pod’s Bathroom Amenities

There is nothing worse than heading to the gym before work thinking that your gym bag is fully stocked with everything you need to get ready for the day, only to realize that you forgot shampoo. [...]


The Mental And Emotional Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

While yoga is an exercise that utilizes every part of the body, the benefits extend far beyond just the physical. In fact, there are immense emotional and mental health benefits that come with [...]


Should You Do Yoga In The Morning Or The Evening?

With a busy schedule packed with work duties, running errands, and tending to your family, it can be hard to carve out time for yourself and your yoga practice. Whether you’ve just started doing [...]


Why You Should Do PodHOT Classes

Despite the slow pace of the practice, yoga is much more challenging than it looks. Holding a pose, finding your balance, and experiencing a deep stretch can be physically and mentally difficult, [...]


The Physical Benefits Of Regular Yoga

The practice of yoga goes far beyond just providing your body with a deep stretch. There are immense physical benefits (and mental and emotional, but that’s for another blog) of doing yoga on a [...]


How Yoga Can Help You Unwind

Take a walk down the street. Chances are the amount of people you see with their heads bent over their smartphones is high. This is the digital age we live and participate in daily. From our [...]

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