Can’t Wait!

 In Fort Collins, health

By Cheryl Hansen


My podFLOW 1 instructor today shared a story she heard on NPR about a woman whose near-death experience aptly changed her life. There was a mountain, broken bones, snow and a lengthy hike involved—the kind of experience that shows us what we’re made of, proving just how much we’re capable of accomplishing.


My journey to healthy living has been rough. I have yet to truly embrace this goal in a way that’s permanent and life-changing. I hold on to habits that don’t serve me and opt for immediate gratification over long-term success all too often. I think part of the problem is that deep down, I wonder if I truly have a problem. Nobody can see it. My doctor isn’t concerned. I worry that my goals are perhaps shallow or frivolous so I walk the line between true commitment and—well–pancakes.


But as I listened to the story of the survivor who went on to change her life in big ways, I realized I may be waiting for something undeniable to finally and forever allow myself to make this change. Is it possible that I’ve been subconsciously waiting for a tragic accident, serious diagnosis or other grandiose wake-up call?


No. Just no.


Because I do know. I know how certain foods affect me. I know that walking and yoga and mindfulness and meditation are the keys to my wellbeing.


I know. It’s not tragic or newsworthy—thank goodness. But it’s enough. And I bet the woman from NPR would wholeheartedly agree.


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