It’s Getting Hot In Here

 In Fort Collins, Hot Yoga

By Cheryl Hansen


I wore flip flops today.


But now it’s October. Football is in full swing. Those pop-up costume shops are officially open. We’re grabbing jackets on our way out the door each morning and the AC hasn’t come on in days. It’s almost time to pack away the kids’ summer clothes and search for the inevitable missing winter boot. And I have to call that guy to come out and winterize our sprinklers. Because it could snow this month. It probably won’t. But it could.




So what’s a struggling mama who’s can’t seem to wrap her brain around fall and maybe snow and four business trips in five weeks and the shower leak that nobody can seem to fix and that missing winter boot supposed to do now that October has arrived?


Two words: Hot. Yoga.


Truth be told: I have a love-hate relationship with hot yoga. I love the pace—it’s slow and steady and requires total focus so busy minds that operate in run-on sentences are not welcome. I hate compression poses with my hands on the floor and my head at my knees so the sweat on my face runs up (down?) my face into my nose making it impossible to do the ujjayi breathing because my nose is filled with sweat. I hate the camel pose because it seems so easy, but makes me feel like I’m on the verge of a panic attack. Every. Single. Time. I love the icy lavender towels at the end. I love the end. Mostly because I’m proud of the achievement. But also because air. Beautiful cool air. And the shower that follows is really nice, too.


Yoga Pod is celebrating October with a podHOT challenge in which you can win all kinds of cool (!) prizes just for taking a bunch of podHOT classes. And even if you don’t conquer the challenge or win a prize, podHOT classes have all kinds of benefits that promise to make October the hottest month of the year.


The best part? You can wear flip flops to every single class!


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