Therapy Session

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By Cheryl Hansen

Is the world stressing us all out more than our parents? Is it actually more stressful or are we just less able to deal with it?

I ask because nearly everyone I know is either going to therapy, once did… or desperately needs to. What was once something people kept quiet has evolved into somewhat of a status symbol. Hollywood elites talk about that tough time in their lives and the incredible therapist who helped them through it. Power couples—when asked what their secret is—will often admit (with great pride) that it hasn’t always been easy, and that they’ve been seeing a marriage counselor for years.

There are many types of therapy: cognitive behavior therapy, marriage and family therapy, play therapy, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, animal-assisted therapy…

And yoga.

Have you noticed that every session at Yoga Pod incudes a thought-provoking intro that somehow taps the very depths of your soul? And throughout class, there are regular reminders that if you just aren’t feeling a pose, no worries… that if your mind is screaming you can’t, maybe you can… that if a hip opener is opening up a well of feelings, that’s completely normal… that any stress or anxiety that you arrived with can just take a hike to a peaceful mountain top and sit on a rock until sunset, because it’s not welcome on your mat? (I may have embellished the last one, but that’s the gist of it.)

It occurred to me last week that yoga is my kind of therapy. No expectations, no homework—just an hour of focused movement, some light introspection… letting go of every single responsibility… and, if you’re lucky, a little self discovery.

And yet, in Psychology Today’s list of 59 therapies (Existential Therapy, anyone?), yoga is not included. Maybe it should be.




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