Episode 33: The Science Of Yoga With John Travers

This episode talks about the science of yoga with John Travers. He tells us now yoga can lengthen telomeres. You’ll have to listen in to find out what that is!


The Domino Effect

By Cheryl Hansen My son used to love to set dominoes up one by one in elaborate patterns across our living room floor just to watch them fall. It required extraordinary patience, particularly for [...]


Sacred Cows

By Cheryl Hansen I was in a meeting several years ago in which the leader of the group challenged us to question any and every sacred cow that may be limiting our growth. Sacred cows, of course, [...]


Lessons In Paella

By Cheryl Hansen I made paella for dinner tonight. I’ve never made it before and very nearly talked myself out of it. I just wasn’t in the mood to lecture my kids about trying new foods and then [...]



By Cheryl Hansen Last weekend, my 10-year-old son picked at his braces just enough to warrant a visit to the orthodontist. Again. We go a lot. So, yeah—I was angry. I’m busy this week and I did [...]


Hearing Voices

By Cheryl Hansen My brother was a track star in high school who went on to run marathons—completing several in less than three hours. My dad, who maybe took my brother’s training a little too [...]