How to Celebrate International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice

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During June, you can celebrate some pretty wacky holidays.

June 3, for example, is Repeat Day. Did we mention that June 3 is Repeat Day? If you’re all tired out from celebrating Donald Duck Day on June 9, at least you can also celebrate National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day at the same time. Round out your month with Meteor Day, and it’s sure to be an out-of-this-world 30 days.

While there are many of life’s little pleasures to celebrate during June, we have to be a bit biased and say that The International Day of Yoga is by far our favorite.

On June 21, also the Summer Solstice, yogis from around the world unite in flow to celebrate the ancient practice of yoga.

The International Day of Yoga is even proclaimed by the United Nations, so you know it’s legitimate.

This year, celebrate the Summer Solstice and The International Day of Yoga at the same time with Yoga Pod Fort Collins.

Ways to Celebrate The International Day of Yoga

An obvious way to celebrate The International Day of Yoga involves, well, practicing yoga! But, here are some more specific ideas for you to celebrate the sun and yoga at the same time.

1. Do a Series of Sun Salutations

The Sanskrit term for Sun Salutations is “Surya Namaskar,” which literally translates to, “to bow” or “to adore.” This foundational yoga sequence was developed to honor the sun, as the name suggests, and the dawning of a new day.

While we practice Sun Salutations throughout every vinyasa (podFLOW) class, they are historically a part of a yogic morning routine.

This International Day of Yoga, wake yourself up by doing a few Sun Salutations in a row. The simple sequence involves: mountain pose, forward fold, half-way lift, a chaturanga push-up (or any variation thereof), upward dog, and downward facing dog. Repeat the sequence by traveling toward the top of your space, and transitioning from a forward fold back to mountain pose.

To really energize your body and pay homage to the sun, add in a mini back bend as you’re in mountain pose!

2. Get Outside in Fort Collins

International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice aren’t just about getting a yoga practice in — they’re about enjoying the light and sun on the longest day of the year.

In addition to yoga, plan an outdoor activity in Fort Collins. If you’ve never hiked Horsetooth Rock, give it a shot. You could also float down the Poudre, bike to work, or play some yard games in your backyard.

3. Stop By Yoga Pod Fort Collins For a Summer-Themed Flow

Our Thursday schedule at Yoga Pod Fort Collins jam-packed with amazing teachers and classes. If you want to start The International Day of Yoga off right, catch a 5:30 a.m. podFIT class or a 5:45 a.m. podFLOW 2.

If you’d rather flow after spending time outside, consider the 8:30 p.m. podFLOW 2 or the 7:30 p.m. YIN.

No matter what class you choose, chances are it’ll be summer-inspired, energetic, and celebratory.

4. Commit To a Month of Yoga

You can also think of The International Day of Yoga as like the New Year’s Day of yoga — it’s a chance to commit (or re-commit) yourself to a meaningful yoga practice.

If you’ve been wavering about joining a yoga studio, make the June 21st holiday an excuse to try out a membership. At Yoga Pod Fort Collins, we offer $30 For 30 Days of unlimited yoga to anyone new to our studio.

Sign up online today and celebrate at our Yoga Studio on June 21!

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