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As a locally owned yoga studio in Fort Collins, we are dedicated to ensuring all members of the Fort Collins community have access to yoga.

One of the primary barriers to entry when it comes to joining a yoga studio is cost. Depending on the household budget, yoga can be an expense that just doesn’t work out. You decide to do yoga at home, take as many free classes as you can, or just resign yourself to running outside.

There’s another option, though. At Yoga Pod Fort Collins, we run a Karma Yogis program that gives participants a free Yoga Pod membership in exchange for weekly cleaning.

Interested in becoming a Karma Yogi? Call or visit our yoga studio today to learn more!

Becoming a Karma Yogi

In Sanskrit, the term “karma” means “action, work, or deed.” It also refers the cycle of cause and effect that our actions create. Karma is actually also a specific form of yoga (karma yoga) that involves a selfless action performed for the benefit of others.

Either definition you choose fits our Karma Yogis program which is designed as a work-yoga trade. If you apply and are accepted to the program, you commit to cleaning the studio for 3.5 hours a week and you get unlimited yoga at Yoga Pod Fort Collins in exchange.

Reasons to Become a Karma Yogi

There are a ton of reasons to apply for this opportunity at our yoga studio, including:

  • Access to free yoga — your work at our studio gets you unlimited yoga classes!
  • A chance to join our community — when you’re a Karma Yogi, you become a part of the Yoga Pod Fort Collins family. You get to know teachers better, meet fellow yogis, and learn about studio promotions.
  • A flexible schedule — you can choose to clean at whatever times work best for you. For college students with differing class schedules, this type of work is very accomodating!
  • A chance to learn more about yoga — it’s amazing how much your practice grows just by surrounding yourself in a positive, yoga-centered environment.
  • A resume builder — while it’s not a full-time job, employers these days love to learn about your passions as much as your job experience. Working at a yoga studio adds a bullet that shows you care about yoga enough to work for it.
  • A sense of connection to the space — when you clean a place, you start to feel a sense of pride and ownership. It might sound silly, but you’ll appreciate the sparkling studios and locker rooms much more after you start cleaning them!

$30 For 30 Days

If you’re interested in the Karma Yogis program, contact our studio team today to learn more about applying!

If this doesn’t sound like the best fit for you but you still want an affordable way to experience yoga, sign up for our $30 For 30 Days trial! For new students, this deal gives you unlimited yoga for just $1 per day!

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