One and Only

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By Cheryl Hansen


I have a healthy respect for the Universe. I believe in working hard to get what you want, but sometimes you have to just stop and listen to whatever the Universe is trying to tell you—especially when it pretty much tackles you and yells in your ear.


Last week, my 9-year-old son had to choose a book to read for a book report project. He had a Friday deadline, so Monday afternoon, we jumped online and narrowed down our search to four options. I ordered all four on Super mom, right? I was totally on it. On Monday!


But then Thursday rolled around and only one book had actually arrived (that two-day shipping thing is a myth). And while “The One and Only Ivan” was surely a good option, my son was reluctant to commit. So off to the library we went to take a look at all four books to properly weigh his options. The library had just one of our books, coincidentally “The One and Only Ivan.” Now what? The book store, which only had—you guessed it: “The One and Only Ivan.” On the drive home, I told my son that the Universe was trying to tell him something. He agreed. It seemed old Ivan was indeed the one. And only.


For several weeks now, I’ve been on a roll. I finally figured out an eating plan that works for me and I see progress. So why am I still searching? Why have I purchased two books in the last month that offers great plans for getting healthy? One touts embracing my inner cook while the other insists I give up dairy and gluten. One suggests fasting for a full day every five days versus the shortened daily windows I’ve all but perfected. I spent two days buying new ingredients and following fancy recipes. I ate more on the one full-fasting day than I’d consumed any day prior for weeks.


I think the Universe is telling me something and it’s time I listened. “Stop looking for another solution! You have all you need! Just keep doing what you’re doing! You got this.”


It might not be fancy or bestselling, but my plan is my plan. My one and only plan, you might say.


Thank you, Universe. Until next time.

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