One Month of Yoga Can Change Your Life

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Think back to where you were exactly one month ago.

Perhaps you’ve been in the same routine and it doesn’t seem like all that long ago. But think about specific events that you attended a month ago — maybe a wedding, a work trip, or a camping weekend. Now, one month is starting to seem like a bit longer.

The reality is that one month is actually a significant period of time for our bodies and minds.

According to psychologist Jeremy Dean, author of Making Habits, Breaking Habits, it takes just 21 days to develop a new habit.

In 21 days, you can quit snoozing your alarm, drink more water during the day, meal prep for the week, or develop any number of healthy habits.

Now, with the help of Yoga Pod Fort Collin’s $30 For 30 Days promotion, you can also build a yoga practice.

$30 For 30 Days at Yoga Pod Fort Collins

We decided to roll out — yoga mat pun intended — our new $30 For 30 Days trial offer precisely because it’s actually long enough to make a difference.

While a free week was a nice introduction to our yoga studio, one week just isn’t enough time to get into a routine. We want you to actually be able to experience our yoga studio instead of just being a guest for a few days.

During your 30 days at Yoga Pod Fort Collins, you will be able to:

  • Experience four different types of yoga classes: podFLOW, podHOT, podFIT, and YIN geared toward beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
  • Get to know our incredible teachers and community members.
  • Attend studio trainings and events.
  • Choose between more than 80 weekly yoga classes on our schedule.
  • See if Yoga Pod Fort Collins is a good fit without investing in a membership.

Tips for Making Yoga a Daily Practice

One of the best things about this promotion is that you get unlimited yoga for 30 days. In theory, this means you can take as many yoga classes as you want for 30 days. In reality, however, we know it’s difficult to introduce something new into your routine, especially if you’ve never had a dedicated yoga practice.

Consider these tips so that you motivate yourself to get into the yoga studio and build a long-term yoga practice.

1. Have non-negotiable classes

For your first few days, you should get a feel for our different types of classes and what teachers you like. After that, though, try to commit to certain classes that you’ll take every week.

Perhaps you fell in love with a teacher — look for their name on the schedule and take their class each week!

Maybe you were surprised to find that you enjoyed podHOT — take the 9:15 a.m. class every Thursday.

We know that life happens and you might not always be able to make the same class every week. Setting up this structure and sticking to it when you can still holds you accountable to a yoga practice!

2. Engage in the community

It’s much easier to motivate yourself to go somewhere when you actually enjoy it! Because our community at Yoga Pod Fort Collins is so welcoming and positive, we think this tip will be simple to follow. When you’re in the studio, be sure to introduce yourself to our team and chat with them about your yoga goals!

3. Remember how good you feel after a class

You know that 7:30 a.m. podHOT that you were totally dreading? You were tired and didn’t feel like getting out of bed, but as soon as you started flowing you felt immediately thankful that you were there? Remember this feeling and harness it to get you to your mat!

We can’t wait to see you at Yoga Pod Fort Collins. Sign up online for $30 For 30 Days today, and join us on your mat tomorrow.

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