The Physical Benefits Of Regular Yoga

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The practice of yoga goes far beyond just providing your body with a deep stretch. There are immense physical benefits (and mental and emotional, but that’s for another blog) of doing yoga on a consistent basis. From increasing your flexibility and building strength to relieving back pain, arthritis, and even asthma, yoga can positively impact many different aspects of your well-being. What’s so incredible about yoga is that you don’t need to devote hours on end to the practice. Simply incorporating a few effective positions or set sequences into your daily routine can provide you with relief and improve your overall wellness.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to list a few of these out. If you have any questions or are looking to join a yoga studio in the Fort Collins area, look no further than Yoga Pod. Sign up for a class with us today and experience a transformation!

The Benefits Of Yoga

Relieve Back Pain

Feeling stress, tension, and even pain in the back is pretty common these days, as we are often hunched over our work computers or smart phones. Even if you are living with chronic pain from an injury, yoga exercises can provide relief. With the deep stretching and gentle movements, function can be revived in your back. Talk with your doctor or chiropractor about how to incorporate yoga exercises into your recovery routine.

Increase Flexibility

Your flexibility is one of the first things you may notice an improvement on after doing yoga regularly. In your first class, you might not be able to do each pose as smoothly as you may think, and chances are you won’t be able to touch your toes. But after doing yoga consistently, you’ll notice that different poses becomes easier for you to do. The movements become smoother and you’re able to challenge yourself further without being in pain from the lack of flexibility.

Improve Balance

Finding your balance can be difficult, especially when you first begin your yoga practice. But the more that you practice, the more balanced you’ll feel. If you have bad posture for any reason, increasing your sense of balance through a series of yoga poses can work to straighten you out. Like flexibility, this is one aspect of your yoga practice where you’ll notice improvement.

Relieve Asthma

The breathing techniques that are taught in beginner yoga classes can greatly benefit those living with asthma. If you struggle with asthma, then the breathing exercises that are taught and practiced in many different yoga classes at Yoga Pod can work to relieve symptoms of asthma.

Build Strength In Muscles

Strength building is an integral part of your yoga practice. You’ll notice that incorporating light weight and/or resistance training into your yoga practice will improve your overall strength and flexibility. Strong, lean muscles look and feel good. Here at Yoga Pod, we offer a podFIT class that incorporates cardio and resistance training into your overall yoga practice. You’ll notice that in addition to improving your balance and flexibility you’ll also be building up physical strength.

Increases Focus + Concentration

Devoting time to yourself and your well-being not only affects your physical body, but your mentality too. You’ll notice that making yoga a consistent part of your schedule results in increased focus and higher concentration. If you work in a high-stress professional environment, or are having a hard time focusing on tasks at hand, yoga will come as a relief as it allows you to recenter, breath fully, and enhance your focus.

Sign Up For A Yoga Pod Class

If you’re looking to begin your yoga journey or are wanting to find a studio in the Fort Collins area to continue your practice, Yoga Pod is the place to be. As a community-focused studio, we’re dedicated to providing each and every individual who walks through the door with a wholesome environment to invest in their wellness. We offer a selection of yoga classes for everyone of every skill level. Find our class descriptions and class schedule on our site. Whether you sign up for one class to begin with or you join as a Yoga Pod member, we hope your experience is nothing less than wholesome, rejuvenating, and enjoyable. We’ll see you in the studio!

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