Why We Plant Trees for New Members

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For every member who joins Yoga Pod Fort Collins, our yoga studio plants a tree in their honor.

At first glance, this might seem strange. When you join other fitness clubs or membership-based organizations, you might get a swag bag with a few free pens, a refrigerator magnet or, if you’re lucky, a coozie.

So, why did we decide to plant a tree for each new member? There are a lot of reasons, but the primary involves our commitment to honoring nature. In fact, honoring nature is one of the core values at our yoga studio.

Our Yoga Studio Honors Nature

Part of being an active presence in the Fort Collins community means appreciating, honoring, and protecting our incredible natural environment.

Partnership with the National Forest Foundation

We’ve even partnered with the National Forest Foundation to assist them in their reforestation efforts through a small business partnership. So, as we plant trees for new members, we are also actively contributing to the National Forest Foundation’s initiative to plant 50 million new trees in national forest land.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Products

In addition to helping forest regrowth and restoration efforts, our yoga studio also sells environmentally friendly products. We carry reusable water bottles to lessen the impact of plastic on our environment. We also stock sustainable yoga mats, clothing, and other yoga accessories!

Nature-Related Studio Events

Yoga Pod Fort Collins is also all about connecting nature and yoga as much as possible. This year, we’re even hosting a Mountain Top Yoga Retreat at the Shadowcliff Lodge. This event gives participants an opportunity to practice yoga, enveloped by the Rocky Mountains, and connect with fellow community members.

Planting Tree is Symbolic

Beyond our practical focus on nature, we also appreciate the symbolic value of planting a tree.

Yoga is all about digging deeper, growing strong roots, learning to weather storms, and ultimately blossoming toward self-actualization. Starting a yoga practice is indeed planting a tree.

Especially for our beginner yoga students who are just starting to develop a practice, the image of a growing tree is very powerful. From a small seed, trees become a powerful force.

Other Yoga Studio Membership Benefits

Joining Yoga Pod Fort Collins comes with a host of other benefits in addition to your tree.

When you join our yoga studio, you also benefit from:

  • A Loaded Yoga Schedule — We have more than 80 classes per week at our yoga studio, so you can get your yoga fix whether you’re an early bird, night owl, or somewhere in between.
  • A Variety of Classes — You can develop a balanced practice because we offer vinyasa flow classes (podFLOW), bikram (podHOT), restorative (YIN), and fitness classes (podFIT). We also offer classes specifically geared toward beginner yoga students, so you can find the right class for you.
  • Access To Other Yoga Pod Locations — Yoga Pod has more than 10 locations in Colorado, and we’ve also expanded to California, Florida, Texas, and Nevada. If you’re traveling down the Front Range, you don’t need to worry about getting out of your yoga routine. Pop into a class at a different studio location instead!
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities — Our brand new locker rooms include showers, changing areas, towels, hair dryers, bath products, and anything you could need for a comfortable pre- or post-class routine.
  • Studio Events and Trainings — Yoga Pod members are the first to hear about our studio workshops, teacher trainings, and other special events. Plus, members can get dibs and discounts for these awesome enrichment opportunities!

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to a studio membership, take advantage of our $30 For 30 Days studio promotion instead. You can get a sense of our yoga studio and access unlimited classes for just $1 per day.

Sign up online or visit our yoga studio in Fort Collins today!

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