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Welcome to Yoga Pod Fort Collins! We are happy that you have found your way to our website. If you’ve been looking for a yoga studio to join in the Fort Collins area, you’re in the right spot. Located at 3300 S. College Ave., #160, we are in a central location for everyone to get to easily, no matter where they live throughout the city. Finding a community to delve into in general is incredible and is very important to do for mental and emotional health. As someone who practices yoga regularly, finding a yoga community to get involved in can go miles in your overall practice. That said, no matter if you’re new to yoga and have never done it before, or if you’re as about advanced as it gets, there is a place for you at Yoga Pod. We welcome everyone of all backgrounds to get involved.

In addition to coming in to experience a class, we hope that you come back to our blog section regularly. It will be here that you will learn about everything Yoga Pod related, from the classes we offer to what types of yoga are best for different lifestyles, to what you should expect from different class sessions. And, of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about our studio, our mission, or how you can get involved in our community.

What Sets Us Apart

Although yoga has been around for what seems like forever, it is continuing to become an increasingly popular exercise, and rightly so. Far beyond just the physical benefits that the practice can offer you, yoga is especially beneficial for mental and emotional health. In our day and age, with so many technological distractions, it is more important than ever to create a space to relax, unwind, and calm our minds. And from sitting at our work desks eight or more hours a day to craning our heads and necks over our smartphones, there is a great need to stretch out tight muscles and cultivate peace and calmness throughout our days.

The fact of the matter is, it’s hard to be consistent with an exercise or fitness routine. Yoga is no different. While it may feel easier for you to roll out your mat and do downward dog than it is to go for a run or lift weights, the practice of yoga does require a level of discipline. But when you are involved in a yoga community and interact with many other individuals striving to improve and progress their yoga practice, it becomes easier to head to the studio and get the most out of a class session.

That’s what sets us apart at Yoga Pod — our community of encouraging yogis. From the yoga instructors to your fellow classmates, you will have no problem meeting and creating relationships with those around you. We are proud to foster a diverse community where each individual feels seen and encouraged in their practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or you have been doing yoga for years — there is a place for you at Yoga Pod Fort Collins.

Flexible Schedule

Life is hectic. And we completely understand. From pursuing professional goals to parenting children, and maybe even doing both, it can be hard to carve time out of your schedule to devote to you and your yoga practice. Here at Yoga Pod, we offer a variety of yoga classes at different times throughout the day. Perhaps the only free time you have is early in the morning before you head to the office or drop the kids off at school. Don’t worry! Come on in for a 5:30 class to get your day started! Don’t have time until the evening? We have classes all day. Created to accommodate you, your lifestyle, and your schedule, you’ll have no problem finding a class that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the day’s duties.

Get 30 Days of Yoga for Just $30!

Don’t wait any longer to join our community. Our selection of classes are unique, engaging, and challenging for any individual at any level. From our PodBASICS beginner class to our podHOT and podFIT sessions, you’ll have no problem finding the class that is perfect for you and your yoga journey. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for $30 For 30! We’ll see you in the studio.

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