Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Pod

If you are like me then you have been in the yoga studio a lot, it might even feel like a second home. You might even find yourself looking forward to a Friday evening class more than you look [...]


Yoga Class Spotlight: podBASICS

podBASICS is a foundational beginner yoga class at Yoga Pod. The focus is on four types of movements that are regularly used in all styles of yoga and fitness. This class is recommended for [...]


Challenging Your Comfort Zone

By: Crimson Roe In yoga classes as in life, there are those who always take the “added challenge” and there are those who, for the majority of the time, take the option to modify or rest. For the [...]


Check out our favorite local trails – #52hikes

By: Kate Keskinen Hello again! Last week I shared a little about the #52hikes challenge and how I’m working to spend more time when I’m outside of our yoga studio to honor nature this year. [...]


Honor Nature: #52hikes

By: Kate Keskinen At Yoga Pod, one of our core values is to honor nature. We plant a tree for each new founding member of our yoga studio, and we try our hardest to minimize our footprint in [...]


Our Story: Why Yoga Pod, Why Gainesville

By: Alex Jarboe A guiding beacon for us at Yoga Pod in Gainesville is our shared intention. In yoga, having an intention helps guide your energy, your thoughts, and your ability to act off the [...]


Yoga: The Perfect Support to Labor and Delivery

By: Bry Baldrige Kring Yoga is a practice that helps us to cultivate a relationship with the language of sensation that is innate to the human body. If done in an intentional way, yoga is an [...]


The Benefits of Forearm Plank

By: Taylor Borman There is a good reason why Forearm Plank is incorporated in every Yoga Pod class — from beginner yoga to the most advanced — it fires you up! Benefits One of the beautiful [...]


4 Beginner Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

By: Taylor Borman If you are like me, falling asleep at night can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you’re starting a new job, your family is visiting from out of town, or your monkey brain just [...]



  “Take a deep inhale breath…” How many times do yogis hear these words in our yoga studio? Connection to mindful breath is a constant thread for yoga practitioners, but how many truly [...]