Our Policies

Class Policy:
  • Check in using your scan card at the front desk.
  • Your 1st rental mat and towel are free.
  • Rental mats, towels and props are available at the studio.
  • Please use the wipes located throughout the studio to disinfect all rentals before placing them neatly back in their home.
  • Locks are available upon request at the front desk.
  • If your class name does not include LIVE STREAM Zoom Only in the title, your class will be held at the Yoga Pod studio location.
Late Policy:
  • Students may not enter a class more than five minutes after the start time.
  • Pre-registered students may enter class up to five minutes late if mat space is still available.
  • Pre-registered students are not guaranteed a spot in class if they arrive after the start time.
  • Pre-registered students that arrive more than five minutes after start time are subject to the $10 late cancel fee.
Waitlist Policy:
  • Be sure to use our Yoga Pod 2.0 app for Apple or Android.
  • Ensure you have your MBO profile set up to receive all text and email notifications.
  • When added to class from the waitlist, late cancel and no show policies apply, regardless of whether you are added inside or outside of the 8 hour window.
  • Inside 8 hours, open class spots are 1st come 1st serve.
  • If you are on the waitlist inside the 8 hour window you will receive a text and push notification from the Yoga Pod 2.0 app that a spot in class is available.
  • You must respond to secure your spot.
  • Outside the 8 hour window, you will be added to the roster in order of your number on the waitlist.
  • You will still have the option to early cancel, so set a reminder before the 8 hour window begins to be check if you have been added to the class.
  • If you are added to the class, plan to show up as all late cancel and no show fees apply when you are added from the waitlist to class.
Late Cancel & No Show Policy:
  • Download our Yoga Pod 2.0 for iPhone or Android app to make class registration and cancellation as easy as possible.
  • If you are pre-registered for class, and you do not cancel at least 8 hours prior to class start time, you will be charged a $10 late cancel fee.
  • If you are pre-registered for a class, and you do not come to class, you will be charged a $20 no show fee.
  • There are no late cancel or no show fees for LIVE STREAM Zoom Only classes.
  • Our waitlist and cancelation policies are meant to support our values.
    • Cultivate discipline is echoed in showing up for classes you have registered for or waitlisted and been added to.
    • Create community is represented by our desire to open as many spaces for students to practice as possible.
    • Do the right thing is our commitment to you. If you have a special, emergent need to not attend class after being added from a waitlist or having pre-registered and not being able to attend, please text us at (352)554-4585 (NW) or (352)792-6373. We know sometimes emergencies arise, and communication is key for us. Please do not abuse the one time forgiveness policy, but do reach out when we can assist in supporting a challenging day in your life.
  • If your class name includes LIVE STREAM Zoom Only in the title, your class will not be held at the studio.
  • Please be sure to follow Zoom instructions below.
  • You will receive an email from info.gainesville@yogapod.com with the title beginning “Your live stream link…” before class starts.
  • You can launch your Zoom directly from the embedded link your email.
  • If you’d like our teachers to interact with you, enable your camera. We find this to be a lovely way to engage.
    Your teacher will share the playlist link in the Zoom chat.
  • If you registered for class within the 5 minute mark and have not received your link, text us at (352)554-4585 (NW) or (352)792-6373 (SW) so we can send you the link directly.
LIVE STREAM Audio Best Practices:
  • Connect your bluetooth audio device to the device that you have logged into your Zoom room with (phone, laptop, desktop, iPad).
    You will be able to hear the teacher on your bluetooth audio device.
  • Want to jam out to the playlist and hear your teacher? You will need 2 devices.
  • Next open Spotify on the same device.
  • At the bottom left, click on the audio icon that looks like a speaker and computer display.
  • Tap on that icon, then select Airplay or Bluetooth (most likely at the bottom of your list).
  • Select your airpods (whatever you named your airpods should show up).
  • Press play on Spotify.
  • Voila ✨ You should hear the teacher’s voice and playlist simultaneously to guide your practice.
  • If you do not have Spotify, Soundiiz is a great platform to transfer instructor’s playlists between platforms for free.
  • Taking podFIT Express?
  • If you have hand weights, great!
  • If you don’t get creative – maybe a gallon of water or 2 full Yoga Pod water bottles.
Membership Cancellation Policy:
  • We have a 30 days notice to cancel policy. For example, if you get billed the 8th of the month and today is the 15th, your final payment will go through on the 8th of the next month, with no future payments remaining after that.
  • Monthly & annual contracts require 30 days notice to cancel.
  • All cancellation requests must be submitted online at www.yogapod.com/change.
  • There are no early cancellations nor refunds for annual contracts, even in the case of relocation.